How to Lose Weight in Your Face


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in Weight Issues
Published on 03-04-2009

Since the face is the first thing people notice about a person, one should not carry too much or too little weight there. Naturally, losing weight anywhere on the body is never easy. This is even more true in the face. However, there are some simple steps a person can take toward achieving this goal, which can inspire and lead to weight loss in other parts of the body on the road to getting healthy.

First of all, although many experts recommend cutting out all refined carbohydrates and sugars, weight loss can be achieved through a simple reduction in the consumption of these foods. Completely giving up anything in the diet often leads to cravings for what is missing, so limiting the consumption of fattening foods by moderating their intake is key. The reason doctors give for limiting or eliminating refined products in the diet is that they cause the blood vessels to swell, making the person appear to be fatter than he or she truly is.

The person who wishes to lose facial weight also needs to limit the intake of salt and certain medications. Many people already know that too much salt intake causes a person to retain water, leading to a more rotund appearance until the salt is slashed from the diet so water is eliminated normally. However, it comes as a surprise to many that certain pain and allergy medications can do the same. These medications should only be used as a last resort when the pain of a headache or minor injury causes interruptions to normal activities and becomes unbearable.

A corollary to the limitation of dietary salt, including that found in canned soups, many snack items, and even sports drinks, is to begin or continue drinking at least eight glasses of water or other unsweetened beverages per day. Taking in liquids actually helps eliminate them, thus making the face appear thinner. This happens because the face tends to retain more water than any other part of the human body.

Doctors also recommend simple exercises for various parts of the face. These will help improve muscle tone and strength, and when muscles are strong, they help with other aspects of a person’s appearance. To exercise the cheeks, smile widely and releasing the pose for at least five minutes each day. Than, pull the bottom lip over the top one as if you want to touch your nose. Practice these exercises ten times per day to gain strength in the cheeks. To exercise the forehead, another area where weight appears most often, close your eyes and lift your eyebrows all in one motion. Make sure that the top eyelids are pulled down as far as they can go. Hold the pose for five seconds each time, then repeat it five times per day.

Sometimes, a little time is all it takes. Doctors have said that our faces do tend to thin out as we age, so along with the above steps, a little patience always helps.


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