How To Maintain a Laptop

Owning a laptop is easy and convenient. Those who use these portable computers tend to heavily rely on it for work, studies and relaxation. As this gadget carries life’s treasured memories and vital information, it is important to know these ten things that would make working with a laptop a breeze.

The first rule of owning a laptop is to know the rules of warranty. The laptop buyer should never forget to ask about warranty and keep the necessary papers to ensure that the distributor would replace or repair the laptop for free incase he/she purchases a lemon.

The second rule is choosing the right bag for the laptop that would protect it from sunlight, scratches and little accidents. Laptop bags are available in different sizes to ensure a snug fit; these bags are also properly lined with cushioning that would absorb the impact as it gets transported.

The third rule is ensuring that the laptop is charged properly for the first time. Leaving the laptop charging for around 3-4 hours would fill up the battery capacity, once full, the charger should be removed. There are two kinds of batteries used in a laptop, one is Ni-metal and the other is Li-ion. Ni-metal batteries tend to heat up a laptop fast. This being the case, a machine that uses this kind of battery should never be left charging over its capacity. Most laptops nowadays use Li-ion though, and while it charges more efficiently without overheating the machine, it is still not advisable to leave the battery charging after the full capacity is reached. For those who are always on the go, it may be a good idea to spend extra for a spare battery.

The fourth rule is making sure that the software installed in the laptop are genuine. Pirated software may be a lot cheaper but aside from the annoying pop-ups to request for an authentication, copyright laws may also get back to advocates of piracy with a vengeance.

Before attempting to connect to the internet, one must make sure that the laptop is internally protected. Anti-virus and anti-spy ware are necessary as hackers, viruses, worms and the likes are always waiting for vulnerable victims.

After months of storing files and installing software, the laptop may run slower than normal. In most cases the solution is simply to upgrade the memory to increase the speed. This is a very simple process that efficiently increases the computer’s speed.

It is also important to constantly clean a laptop. To keep the screen and keyboards clean, there are cleaning kits on sale in the mall. The cleaning kits include a soft brush for the keyboard, a cloth and a cleaning solution specially formulated to dry quickly when used on the keys. Aside from this, there is a specialized tiny vacuum cleaner with a nozzle that fits right through the keys. This is great for clearing accumulated dust off the machine.

Finally, laptop lifespan depend on the frequency of use and maintenance. Accidents can also happen any time. Backing up files is a necessary and wise move for laptop owners. External hard-drives are available in any computer store for around $100. A small price to pay to ensure the safety of all the precious files.


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