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How to maintain lv bags

  • By Nicole White
  • Published 01/19/2011
  • Article Writing

For some trendy girls, LV bags have become essential daily products in their life. But since we always take our LV bags anywhere, these LV bags would have some clashing with other articles, and it is known to all of us that LV bags are quite expensive, if they have any problem in outlook, we would be in dismay. Thus it is necessary for us to gain some knowledge about how to maintain LV bags.   At first we need some small tools, such as white cotton gloves, erasers, silk socks, and some other things. Then we are going to share you some tips about how to protect your love LV bags. We hope the following tips can give you some help.   Tip 1 white cotton gloves   We can make full use of white cotton gloves to sweep off dirts away from our LV handbags, and we can even the color of our bags by massaging the furnishing leather on our LV handbags. Why we choose white cotton gloves? The cotton quality would not detroy the texture of our bags and white color can purify the color.   Tip 2 erasers   Some girl students would take their LV handbags into classroom while studying, and they would leave some imprints onto their beautiful bags which would hurt the beauty of their bags. And then eraser can help us in removing these imprints and some other traces on our LV handbags.   Tip 3 silk socks   Wasted silk socks have a lot of uses, if filled with a piece of soap, the wasted silk socks would have more uses, such as maintain leather bags. Wasted silk socks would be ideal for removing floating dirts and stains on our bags. And it is not good for us to take water for removing imprints and dirts on our bags, since water would leave traces onto our expensive LV bags.

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by Nicole White



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