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How to maintain lv handbag?

  • By thomasck Ogle
  • Published 01/29/2011
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Women are with the dream to have LV handbags. In order to protect the bag well, we may focus on two key points for LV handbag maintenance. Daily caring of LV bag During the daily carrying, you should prevent the handbag from touching any sharp items. We should not carry the handbag under the heating sun or put it in the hot car during summer. If there is a long time without using the bag, you may make use of plastic bag or tailor-made collection bag to cover it. Keeping hands clean at any time. Make sure a certain distance between your bag and beverage or food. Cleaning steps for LV handbag. Here we may advise some basic steps for you to clean LV handbags. First of all, we may clean the dust slightly, and then use soft brush to deal with the floating dust in the edge of canvas or leather. And then we could use the tiny cotton stick to clean the corner of bag. If there is oil dirt on the bag, we may spread non-water alcohol on the surface. And then we could apply soft shoe-brush to remove the remained oil. When it comes to the leather maintenance, we may use cloth for bag cleanness. If the pollution is serious, we may use eraser or other rubber products to clean the bag. For the suede leather, soft brush made by animal furs could be available to remove the dirt. Recently the maintenance oil is quite popular for cleaning the leather handbag. When using the oil, we may spread it on the clean cotton cloth and then clean the bag surface by cloth. Do not drop the oil directly onto the bag. Do not take it for granted that new handbag would be without any caring. You should keep eyes on protection of new bag from every detail. Cleaning cream and protective film spray would be useful to avoid dust, water and dirt on bag surface. After the clean process, keep it dry gradually in the natural wind. Hair drier is prohibited. Also, you should wait for the surface of bag to be dried in advance if you want to do handbag maintenance for LV bag.

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by thomasck Ogle



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