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How to maintain slide phonesways to prolong their service life

  • By Dallas Austin
  • Published 11/22/2010
  • Tools and Resources

Each type of phones, from bar phone, to flip phone to slide phone, has its distinctive features and characteristics. Unfortunately, I haven¡¯t used each one of them. But if I had a slide phone right now, after the first period of excitement and amazement, I would have to learn something about how to maintain the slide phone to lengthen its life. Slide phones have this different design with their keyboards hidden or well protected. But the screen is exposed for sliding up phones so I should be careful handling slide phones. A cleaning brush is quite necessary to wipe out the grime and dust in the crevices periodically. Use some specially-made brushes to clean the phone softly and don¡¯t wet it. Besides, I certainly won¡¯t expose my phone to the sunlight for a long time especially in the summer which could lead to the aging of the screen and shorten its life. When sliding the phone. I will do slide it as softly as possible and not in a violent way. Also after numerous times of sliding, the slide could become obstructed, I would apply some lubricating agent to its slide, and slide it as few as possible. And throwing on the ground could severe damage to the phone and I will never crash it with any hard things. Its slide could come apart, let along the damaged screen and internal parts. In addition, I would wipe out the sweat in my palm before touching it for liquid could also damage its components. Slide phones are compact and small and this is a matter of sizes and features all in one. But this advantage comes with a price. You need to know how to keep it well to make its work life as long as possible and also make it always look good as new. For more information regarding ray ban glasses,



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