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How to maintain your diamond engagement ring shining

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 03/15/2011
  • Fiction

Diamond ring is the symbol of pure love, it always means the loyalty and eternal pursuit to love, every bride-to-be hopes to wear the most glittering diamond ring on her engagement day. Therefore, ladies had better learn how to keep your diamond ring glittering. Many accessories are very sensitive to the oily material, the ring is no exception, in order to maintain the luster of the ring, please keep it away from fumes. In addition, the hands sweat easily, it is easy to dirty the diamond ring and reduce its luster, please do not often touch it because of your rejoicing, especially the bride-to-be, and not to cook with the ring. Diamond ring is so small that if you want to keep its luster, you must prevent it from falling. A special container should be prepared to clean the ring, otherwise it will be lost. Similarly, when wearing the ring you must be careful and not to make it fall down. Compared with other jewelries, diamond is easy to clean. Here are some methods to do the cleaning work of the diamond ring: 1. Cleaning with detergent. Soak it in the warm water containing neutral detergent for 10 minutes, brush it gently with a toothbrush, and finally wipe it with a lint-free cotton. 2. Quick cleaning. You can also buy the detergent for diamond from jewelry store, and clean the diamond according to the manual. 3. Specialize cleaning. Please send your diamond ring to jewelry store every two or three months, and have it a specialize maintained which include cleaning, refurbishment, and take a check that whether the diamond have been loose. It is always said that love needs to operate, let us start from maintain our diamond ring, and you must be the most attractive bride on the most important day of your life! Kindly visit the above website to find out more.



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