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How to maintain your diamond ring?

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 02/28/2011
  • Fiction

Diamond ring is as the important representative of love and marriage, all the time, it is the pronoun of nobility and hold the leader position in jewelry industry. Normally, one will have the nobleness feeling once hearing diamond ring. So, how to keep its glossy is what we must learn. The maintenance of diamond ring. 1. Wear it after making up. Because the diamond is in the nature of oil absorbency. The grease or dust will stick to the surface of diamond and make it dull. 2. Don’t wear the diamond ring when doing housework. Although bleaching water won’t damage diamond, it will make the metal fade or appear some spots on the diamond. When you are washing plates or do some heavy manual labor, don’t wear it too. Diamond is very hard, but maybe will scratch by the thump. 3. The placement of the diamond. Do not let diamond ornaments stacked together, so as to avoid friction among impregnated care scratches. Take your diamond ring to the jewelry shop for checking each year, to see if loose at the impregnate or ware out. Strengthen and refurbish it at the shop. The washing way for the diamond ring. 1. Use cleaning fluid. To fill some warm water in a small cup, adding an amount of cleaning fluid to the water. Firstly, apply the diamond ring to the water and brushing it lightly by toothbrush. Secondly, use a mesh screen to hold it, washing it under the tap. At last, wipe it by some soft lint without cotton. 2. Cold water immersion. Put the diamond ring at the cold water for about 30 minutes. Then brush it lightly. Wave it at the water for a while and wiping it dry. 3. To buy a famous-brand cleaning fluid. Clean the diamond yourself following the instruction.   Most of the jewelries are sensitive for oil. Diamond ring is no exception. Consequently, remember the above to protect your diamond ring.



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