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How to maintain your engagement diamond ring shiny

  • By Stacy Stadler
  • Published 03/14/2011
  • Article Writing

Everyone wants their engagement diamond rings to spark and shiny everyday. But we all know that diamond is very easy  dirty, especially meeting the oil. So the ring maintenance became people’s first concern. But many people have a lot of misunderstanding on the maintenance of diamond rings. Do you know how to do it? How to clean diamond ring Put a small amount of mild detergent into warm water, with the diamond ring in it for several minutes. At the same time dip the toothbrush in hot water, until it soaked. Then scrub the ring quietly with your toothbrush. Thirdly, wash it clear with warm water. And in the end, wipe the ring clean with the soft cloth. You can also buy special detergent for cleaning jewelry, and use it follow the instructions. If you do not want to clean it by yourself, you can please trusted diamond jeweler wash it. After each self-cleaning, you must check it clear whether the diamond loose or not. If you have the feeling that it shakes, you must return it to the jewelry shop, and the professional master can embedded it. How to store diamond ring When you need not wear your diamond rings, put them in a jewelry box carefully. And diamond jewelry should be kept separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches caused by friction.Please professions check your diamond ring every year, to see whether their feet embedded in the tooth are still strong, solid and if there is hook pull phenomenon.  Precautions when wearing diamond rings You should avoid wearing a diamond ring when doing heavy work, such as heavy lifting. And do not let the ring touch oily substances. Engagement diamond ring is the symbol of love, so take good care of it. I also wish you a successful love. Please go to the above url for more information.



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