How to Make a Wedding Wreath


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding
Published on 12-08-2009

A wedding wreath is a great addition to any wedding. It definitely adds a soft, creative, and beautiful element to the event. A wedding wreath can be worn only by the flower girl or could be worn by all members of the wedding party. No matter who’s wearing the wreath, it’s important to know how to make one. This can save a person quite a bit of money. The following includes the basic steps for how to make a wedding wreath.

The first thing to do is to consider the types of flowers to be used in this wedding wreath. Consider the wedding’s theme, color scheme, and the other flowers that will be present at this event. Wedding wreathes should add to a wedding’s decorations or to the wedding party’s clothing. Talk to an area florist to see which flowers are in season. Another option is to consider using fake flowers. These are often easier to work with, though they do not have the same look as real flowers. Using fake flowers ensures you won’t have to worry about whether or not the flowers will wilt or fall apart.

To make a wedding wreath, a florist wire will be needed. This can be picked up at a craft store or even at a florist’s. The size of the wire depends upon for whom the wreath is being made. Thus, think about who will be wearing this wreath before it comes time to invest in such wire. If possible, bring along the wedding party members who will be wearing the wedding wreaths so that you can test out the wire to ensure it will work.

Next, think about which items you want to include on the wedding wreath. You could have everything from buttons and pins to ribbons, lace, fabrics, and, of course both real and fake flowers. If you’re using real flowers, you may need some florists tape to keep them in place. And of course, be sure to invest in a variety of bobby pins or decorative pins to keep the wreath in place. This will ensure it doesn’t slip during the wedding ceremony.

Think about the look you want for the wedding wreath. You may want to slide on the flowers first by pushing the wire through the stem and flower. Finish by taping together the wire and the flowers’ stems. Similarly, you may want to create a pattern by adding buttons or beads between flowers. Keep some space between the flowers if you plan on adding lace, cloth, or ribbon. You could allow the ribbon to dangle, or you could wrap it tightly around the wire.

Once you’ve finished adding your materials, it is time to shape the wreath. Take the wire and bend it into a circle, finishing by twisting the ends together. For added security, you can also add some hot glue to wedding wreath. For flower girls, you may want to finish the look by adding a big satin or ribbon flower. The easiest way to do this is to hot glue it to the back of the fully formed wedding wreath.


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