How to Make Fire with No Matches

Every wilderness lover has to know how to make fire with no matches. Knowing how to make fire is one of the most important steps to surviving in the wild. Fire will cook your food and keep you warm. So, how can you make fire with no matches?

Before you make fire with no matches, find a good spot to start it. Be sure there is no debris around that will catch on fire and spread wildly, causing harm to the wilderness. Choose a placing, and make a fire pit. Surround it with rocks to keep the fire contained to the area you choose.

Something to keep in mind when deciding on a place to make fire with no matches in the wild is the wood supply in the immediate area. Making sure there is a good supply of wood is a nice way to ensure your fire will be roaring and burning bright for a while. It also saves you from having to stray far and leave the fire unattended, which should never be done. Always stay close to a fire, and ensure that it is out before you continue trekking. Forest fires are a very dangerous are seriously harmful to the wild and its inhabitants.

Once you have gathered some wood and have chosen where to make fire, the next step to make fire with no matches is to ignite the timber. Timber can be anything that lights up easily with a simple spark. Paper, leaves, grass, or bark can all work as timber but must be very dry before it can be used. Bark should be ground up into smaller and more easily ignited pieces.

You may also use the resin in pine or bark trees to make a fire with no matches. Using the highly flammable resin from these trees is an easy form of timber to make fire, and can be used even when wet. For using resin to make fire, coat some small twigs and branches in the sap.

A good tip to make fire with no matches go as smoothly as possible is to make sure you have enough material for kindling the small flame and making it into a big sustainable fire. Kindling material can be any small dry twigs that catch the fire easily and quickly from the lit timber. Timber can go out quite quickly, so be prepared to feed the fire slowly.

Now here comes the tricky part. To make fire with no matches easily, your best bet would be a flint. Flints are pretty easy to use, work even after having been exposed to water, and will last a very long time. If you find yourself in the situation of not having this simple spark starter, then a more primitive alternative must be used.

The simplest but most frustratingly time consuming way to make fire with no matches would have to be friction based fire making. For this you will need a long branch or twig to act as your spindle, and a flatter piece of wood to act as your board. Make an indent in the board, and place the tip of the spindle in it. Place some timber around the indent, and start spinning the spindle onto the board quickly, using the most pressure possible. After some time the board should start to glow with embers. Tap the board over your timber to catch an ignited spark to light the timber and make fire.

While time consuming, this is the oldest way to make fire, and is pretty much your best bet when it comes to a completely stranded in the wilderness situation.


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