How To Make Hair Grow Faster

There are several different ways to make hair grow faster, some of which actually affect hair growth and others of which primarily add to the appearance of growth rather than the reality. Following are some of the best ways to make hair grow faster or at least appear like you’ve done this.

If you want to make hair grow faster for real, improving your diet, adding vitamins, and taking gelatin capsules or eating jello are all ways that will genuinely help hair grow faster. If you have any nutritional deficiencies, they can retard hair growth, but correcting them will also reverse the process. Vitamins can also make hair grow faster, especially pre-natal vitamins. It may be hard to get your doctor to prescribe these unless you’re actively trying to get pregnant (and it’s probably out of the question for men, unless they steal them from their wives), but pre-natal vitamins are one of the best ways to make hair grow faster. In addition, gelatin, whether in capsule form or eaten as jello, strengthens the hair shaft significantly and helps it grow faster, as well as helping your nails grow faster too.

There are prescription medications such as Rogaine that will make hair grow faster, and some of them work better than others for different people, so if you’re having a serious problem, it’s worth discussing with your physician. In addition, some over the counter beauty products like Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment stimulate the scalp, which make hair grow faster, and these products also cause the hair to look thicker, so it works both genuinely and by improving the appearance of the hair.

If you want to make it look like your hair is growing faster, giving it trims every couple of months ago improves the appearance. Although this might seem counterintuitive, if you don’t trim your hair frequently, scraggly split ends make it seem like it is thinner than it is. While hair might technically be shorter, trimming the ends to a blunt edge makes it look longer, thicker and healthier.

Finally, if you want your hair to look longer for a special event like a wedding or red carpet affair, consider the Hollywood way to make hair grow faster–hair pieces or hair extensions. Hair pieces can be purchased for as little as $50 at your local mall, though these will be synthetic and real hair can set you back several hundred dollars. On the other hand, the more expensive kind can be reused and maintain their glamorous appearance, so they may cost less per wearing. As for hair extensions, they are glued or sewn into your real hair, and while the least expensive kind can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars, their quality isn’t great, and hair extensions often look better when attached by professionals. A real Hollywood-style set of hair extensions attached by a professional can cost more than $2,000, but once you’ve sprung for them you can treat them just like real hair.


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