How To Make Jello Shots

Making Jello shots can be easy, and a great addition to any party. Not exactly the classiest drink available, Jello shots are usually reserved for a younger audience, particularly popular amongst the college crowds. However, you can make them fun and decorative for any occasion.

Delicious and interestingly textured as they go down your throat, Jello shots are also known as a yummy alternative to the usual “burning” shots of harsh liquor available at most soirees. So, how do you make your own sweet Jello shot batch?

Making Jello shots is almost as easy as making regular old Jello. Pick the flavor and the type of liquor you would like to use. There are just a few tiny tricks to make it set properly and achieve the proper Jello shot consistency. This can be tricky and depends on the alcohol percentage in the liquor you choose.

For starters, choose your favorite Jello flavor. Then, choose whichever alcohol you prefer. Make sure you put it in the refrigerator, because in order to use it for the Jello shot mixture it has to be cold.
To prepare one package of Jello (6 oz.) and make it into Jello shots, you will need 2 cups of boiling water for sure. Now, to determine how much cold water and chilled liquor you will need for the best Jello shot consistency, check the proof of the alcohol.

The measurements of how much to use of each are as follows: if the liquor being used is 20% proof, use 13 oz of alcohol and 3 oz of cold water. If the liquor you chose is 45% proof, use 10 oz of liquor and 6 oz cold water. And if the alcohol chosen is 100+ proof, use 6 oz of liquor and 10 oz of cold water. These measurements are for the best solidification. The higher the proof, the more likely the shot will be to stay liquefied and never actually achieves proper Jello shot consistency.

Now that you have the proper ingredients, here’s how to make the best Jello shots. Start off by mixing the boiling water with the Jello powder. Make sure it is really dissolved when mixing to avoid a grainy texture. After there are no more traces of Jello powder, mix in the cold water and alcohol, just like you would when making regular Jello. This is to help the mixture “set”. After mixing a bit, pour the mixture into individual serving cups and put these on a tray in the refrigerator for around an hour, maybe a bit more, until the desired Jello consistency is achieved. Voila! You now have the finest (and most fun) delicious Jello shots!

A good tip is to spray the individual shot glasses or plastic cups with cooking spray so the Jello shot comes out easily when turned over. To brighten up any party table and make the Jello shots decorative, make them in clear shot glasses, and make different liquors in different colors and flavors. Lay these out in rows on a table, and your party will for sure get started!


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