How to Make Old Furniture Look New

There’s a number of ways you can give the furniture you already own a look of “newness.” You don’t have to go out and shop for a new dining room set or new living room ensemble if you can muster up a little creativity. For example couches, love seats and chairs can be rehabbed inexpensively.

Rejuvenate love seats and sofas that have seen better days by recovering them with new slipcovers. Even an ugly couch can take on a whole new look with seat covers that are sized to fit.

Therefore, take the measurements of the couch or chair you want to recover. If you want to make your furniture look appealing once again, make sure you provide slipcovers that fit the cushions well. Slipcovers should not be in any way shape or form baggy. The idea is to make your furniture catch the eye or make it more visually agreeable. Stretchable slipcovers are more formfitting and are therefore a good choice. Add some throw pillows. Cover the pillows in the same material you used to cover your sofa or chairs, or make use of a fabric in a complementary color or print.

Choose slipcovers then that vary little from the dimensions of the cushions on your sofas and chairs. If you fit the slipcovers closely in size to the cushions, you will indeed give your sofa or chair a new look at a minimal cost.

If you’re covering more contemporary items of furniture, selecting slipcovers in monochromatic colors is best. Use printed covers for furniture that has an antique look. For an added accent, make use of coverlets across the back of chairs, love seats or sofas.

For stand-alone cabinets or pieces of furniture like shelves, hutches, coffee tables or end tables, decorate the pieces with stencils and hand-paint the stenciled designs. Besides stenciling, try personalizing nightstands, dressers or chairs with your monogram. Personalization of furniture items works nicely in a nursery or child’s room as well. Paint their names on chairs or rockers.

You can even make your furniture look new if you make it look old. That is, antique some of your furniture items so they look like distressed pieces from an antique shop. Alternatively, you can also rehab your furniture by painting it or staining it so it looks brand new.

Sanding and painting or staining furniture can entail quite a bit of work. The best way to sand furniture is manually. One can purchase electric sanders but sanding by hand is the preferred method for refinishing any type of wood furniture. Also, if there are demarcations on the surface, use wood putty to fill in any of these types of imperfections as well as a basic primer before adding the paint, stain or finish.

It takes a little bit of work but all the above suggestions can give the older furniture in your house a whole new look and feel, and you don’t have to spend a great deal of cash. All it takes is some time and a little elbow grease.


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