How to Make Ringtones for Your Verizon Cell Phone


Authored by Kumara Velu in Communications, Gadgets 
Published on 02-19-2009

Are you dissatisfied with the your Verizon telephone’s existing ringtones? Do you wish to make ringtones from your favourite music clips? Here are two ways you can make your wish come true.

Verizon Picture Message Service

The program that plays an important part in this method of ringtone creation process is PureVoice from Qualcomm. It’s a freeware that could be downloaded from top download sites. It allows you to send high-quality voice recordings without taking up much storage space.

If you have your audio file ready, you can edit it to the desired length of your ringtone – usually from 15 to 30 seconds. To shorten an audio clip, you can use a freeware like Audacity to do the job for you. Once you’ve edited your audio clip, you would have to save it as a mono WAV file. If you’re using some other program, you could set the output file to 8 KHz PCM 16-Bit Mono. You file would be around 300 to 500 Kb depending on its length.

The next step would be to save the audio file in the PureVoice program directory. Once the WAV file is there, you drag into the pvconv.exe file. A file with the .qcp extension will be created. For instance, if I drag mysong.wav into the pcconv.exe, I will end up with mysong.qcp. To enable your Verizon telephone to recognise the audio, you would need to convert your audio to the MIDI format. You can do this through freeware converters available over the Internet.

The next step would require you to go to the Verizon Wireless website (vzwpix.com) and register an account. To register, you would need your Verizon mobile telephone, its number and your billing system password if you have any. You will need your mobile phone because the system will send you a temporary password for you to activate your registration. Once you’ve activated your account, you can upload your sound file as a picture message to be sent to your mobile telephone. When you receive the file in your mobile telephone, you can play it and also save it as a ringtone.

Direct Recording

This is a method you should use if you can’t avail yourself of the above method. This method requires you to have a quiet room with no background noises. Choose your favourite audio to play in your Computer media player program. Go to the Record Now mode in your Verizon mobile telephone.

Play the audio clip and start recording. When you’ve got your desired audio, stop the recording and the recorded file will be automatically saved. Rename the file so that you can easily identify it later. Now send the file as a message to your own mobile telephone. Once you receive it as a message, you would want to save it as a ringtone. Once you have done so, you can easily save the recorded clip as your main ringtone.


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