How to Make Wedding Slideshow Presentations


Authored by Melissa Mayntz in Wedding
Published on 08-02-2009

A wedding slideshow can be a great way to share your relationship with your wedding guests. Many couples will create a silent, rotating slideshow to be used as a decoration, while other slideshows can be dramatic or whimsical reflections on a couple’s life together. No matter how you decide to use a slideshow, however, knowing how to make wedding slideshow presentations that are both entertaining and effective will ensure that your slideshow is a memorable part of your celebration.

Choosing Photos

The most critical step in creating a wedding slideshow is choosing the best photos to include. Ideally, every photo should be a good shot of either the bride or groom, or the couple together. Choose images that have good lighting and composition and that can be enlarged well. Avoid images that may be misinterpreted or potentially inappropriate, and be sure that both the bride and groom are equally represented throughout the slideshow.

Ideas for great pictures to include are:

  • School pictures such as class photos or prom pictures, particularly for high school sweethearts
  • Places the couple has been on dates or where the proposal was made
  • The couple’s engagement pictures
  • A picture of the engagement ring
  • Bridal photos if available
  • Candid photos of the couple’s relationship including travels and anytime they are clearly enjoying being together

Show Length

While a slideshow can be a great piece of entertainment at the wedding reception, if it is too long it can start to lose guests’ interest. Ideally, a wedding slideshow should be no more than 8-10 minutes long. Each photo should be displayed for at least 5 seconds to allow guests time to see it properly, which adds up to a maximum of 95-130 photos. If fewer suitable photos are available, each one can be displayed for up to 10 seconds without seeming awkward.


Some couples add background music to a wedding slideshow, while others prefer a fully narrated show that explains each photo either through a voiceover or with embedded captions. Using background music can add to the romance of the event, but be aware that it may clash with dance music if the slideshow will be running during the wedding reception. A narrated slideshow is usually run just once, particularly if it includes a voiceover. If embedded captions are used and the show can run silently, it can be used throughout the reception.

More Wedding Slideshow Tips

For the most entertaining slideshow…

  • Be sure every photo is meaningful, and avoid extra photos that do not contribute to the overall show.
  • Keep each photo similar in size and proportion for a smoother, coordinated flow.
  • Consider adding active transitions between slides or insert short video clips for more variety.
  • Always test the slideshow before the reception to be sure it runs smoothly and is aligned with the soundtrack (if used).

It isn’t difficult to learn how to make a wedding slideshow, whether a couple makes their own show on a home computer or if they hire a professional to design their show. Carefully planned and meaningfully displayed, the wedding slideshow can be a beautiful and memorable part of any reception.


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