How to Make Yogurt at Home


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Food and Cooking
Published on 05-09-2009

Yogurt is a healthy food and a smart alternative to many other snacks. You might be surprised to know that you can learn how to make yogurt at home quite easily.

One option if you want to be able to make yogurt from home is to invest in a yogurt maker. There are some yogurt makers that you can purchase for less than $30. You can usually make at least ½ dozen servings of yogurt at a time. There are ways to make yogurt right from home that do not require you to have a yogurt maker.

Making yogurt from home can be as simple as having some yogurt from your local market and milk to use as the ingredients. You might also want some ingredients that you can use to create yogurt of different flavors.

Remember to boil any utensils you will use to make your yogurt before starting the process. This is to ensure that they will be germ and bacteria free. You will want to make sure that you sterilize any containers you will be using to store the yogurt after it is prepared

You can make yogurt by heating milk on the stove. You will want a food thermometer so that you can heat the milk to about 110 degrees (no hotter). Then you will want to mix in a couple teaspoons of yogurt that you have from the store (or yogurt you previously made). Put that mixture into a jar or container than can be kept cool all night. The mixture should not be in a temperature higher than about 49 degrees. This is why you will see recipes calling for the use of a cooler. After eight hours or more, your yogurt should be ready. The milk will ferment which is what provides you with the yogurt.

The yogurt you have just made needs to be placed in the fridge right away. Some recipes say that you can keep the yogurt for as many as fourteen days after it has been prepared. Honey, nuts and other ingredients can be used to add more flavor and taste to your yogurt.

Other recipes will tell you to place the heated milk and yogurt in a thermos that you can wrap in terry clothes. You are to put the thermos somewhere that is warm and where there will not be a breeze or moisture. The milk should ferment and provide you with a nice batch of yogurt by morning.

You can find yogurt recipes online and in bookstores. There are numerous methods of how to make yogurt at home. You can use the stovetop method as described. Many people use the thermos recipe or a variation of that. There are ways to make yogurt from home by using a heating pad. You can mix up a batch of yogurt in a crock pot. You can even use the sun to make yogurt. All recipes require two basic essentials: about two teaspoons of already prepared (or purchased) yogurt and some milk.


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