How to Make your Wedding Ceremony Unique and Personal


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 06-20-2009

You’re getting married! And there’s no doubt that you want your wedding ceremony to be unique and personal. Finding the beauty in the details and creating ways to personalize your wedding will not only make it more memorable for you but for your guests as well. There are thousands of ways to personalize your wedding in order to make it more unique. You can play on old traditions or create new ones. Including cultural aspects and ideas is another great way to show your guests who you really are and what’s important to you. Start with these ideas that will give your wedding ceremony a unique twist and soon, you’ll be brainstorming a ton of ideas on your own!

Having a stand such as a lemonade stand or an iced tea stand at the entrance of an outdoor ceremony can be a great touch. Your guests will have a chance to stay cool and refreshed while they sit under the sun and watch you exchange vows. You can also include things such as strawberries or raspberries and make it together with your bride or groom beforehand. Place a sign in front of a big glass pitcher that reads something such as, “Please enjoy the fruits of our love.” Your guests will get a kick out of it and it may be a great way to unwind with your betrothed the night before the ceremony!

Taking old traditions and putting your own unique twist on them is another great way to make your wedding ceremony more unique. Use traditions such as the unity candle and think about how you can shift them a bit to fit your wedding. If you’re having a beach wedding, you may want to use unity sand instead and combine sand from the beaches of both of your hometowns. Or you could use a wishing well instead of a unity candle. Using a long vase, have your guests throw in their best wishes for you. If you want to use water in the vase to make it like an actual well, have guests toss in flower blossoms while stating their wish for your marriage. Or if you want to have a dry well, you can offer your guests flat, polished stones and have them write their wishes on these. Have the stones collected and read out before they are placed in a vase next to your marriage license.

Including ideas from your culture or your religion are simple and easy ways to make your wedding ceremony more unique. If you have the luck of the Irish on your side, consider having a Celtic cross blessed during the ceremony and have it hang in the home you share as newlyweds afterwards. Jewish ceremonies often have a huppah, which is a canopy under which the ceremony will take place. It’s often tradition for the bride to circle the groom 7 times within the huppah to signify the seven wedding blessings and the seven days of creation. To put your own spin on this, have the bride and groom circle each other or for smaller weddings, have each of the guests circle the couple while they sit in the center together.


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