How to Make YouTube Videos


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Internet
Published on 12-13-2008

YouTube is a popular video sharing site that was founded last 2005. It is website where people can view, share and even upload video clips. You can put video clips, tv clips, music view and even short video of yourself or anything. Even if you are not registered, you can watch unlimited number of videos. If you want to upload, you can do so by registering in the site. Of course you cannot upload videos that are pornographic or offensive in nature. Sometimes YouTube is being used by companies in order to promote their products as well. If you are thinking of creating a video on your own, it is not that easy especially if you want a quality video to share with others. There are a lot of resources in the internet where you can actually learn how to do YouTube videos. It is not just about grabbing a video cam and start shooting. It might probably end up a bad video with bad sound, bad lightning and totally screwed. Take note that you are showing this to the entire world so make sure that you give your best foot forward. Here are things you need to remember if you want to create a good YouTube video.

  1. You need first to develop a concept or what you call brainstorming. You are thinking about creating a video but don’t have a concept, then this could be a problem. Concept development is not that easy. You need to take time and have conference with people that are involved in making the videos. Ask how original is the idea and will it target a specific audience you have in mind. The location is also an important thing to consider because this is where you will shoot the entire thing. Take note also of the editing part. You might want to buy editing software and hire someone to do it.
  2. The script and storyline is the second important aspect of making YouTube video. This is where your concept comes to life. Take time to determine main characters and the script. The storyline is the thing that will guide you throughout the entire process of your production.
  3. The next thing that you need is a shot list because this is important. This can determine every shot in your entire production. This will definitely help if you want to be organized.
  4. Of course in order for you to shoot a good video, you need to have production equipments that are of quality. Start with your video camera. You need to have one or you could borrow but the important thing is that it is excellent to do video shooting. In your production, you might need microphones, lights and backdrop.
  5. The shooting day is the most exciting part. Make sure that you prepare a checklist that you need so you have everything on the location.
  6. The video editing can take quite awhile not unless you have video editing software or if you find someone who is a professional to do it. Remember that video editing is not easy. Practice is the key.
  7. After finishing everything, you can now upload this to YouTube and be able to show the world your creative masterpiece.

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