How to Manage Your Firefox Extensions Quickly and Easily


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software 
Published on 01-11-2009

Not many can resist the temptation of downloading and installing the dozens of cool, Firefox extensions. There just seems to be one extension or other to enhance your web surfing experience or to provide shortcuts to web-related tasks.

Then there comes the day when you find that you have too many extensions in your system. This article will suggest software solutions to manage your extensions. However, before we go there, it would be wise to take stock of your extensions and decide which you no longer use and go on to uninstall them. This is the first step towards the process of simplifying the management of your Firefox extensions.

You can uninstall extensions in two ways. The first is a direct and simple way. Go to Tools on the menu bar and choose Add-ons. You will see a list of your extensions. Click on the extension you wish to remove. The Uninstall button becomes visible. When you click on it, the extension is removed.

However, not all the extensions can be removed using this easy method. Some Firefox extensions install themselves in the Program Files Folder of the Windows operating system. In order to remove them, you would have to follow the same route as when you uninstall software.

Choose Control Panel from your start menu and once you’re there, choose the Add/Remove Programs icon. Locate the extension in the displayed list and remove it.

Now that you’ve removed the unwanted extensions, you’re ready to look at software solutions which you can use from time to time to better manage your extensions. But brace yourself, because you have more extensions to install.


When you install too many Firefox extensions, your status bar becomes cluttered and the text area is minimized to be of any real use to you. To restore the space for the text area you can install Statusable. What this extension does is create an additional status bar to provide the text area with better visibility.


Have you installed too many search plug-ins when you need only one? Or have you found a latest plug-in that overshadows all other similar plug-ins? SearchPluginHacks easily removes unwanted search plug-ins.

Organize Status Bar

Is your Firefox status bar packed to overflowing? Do you need to organize the numerous icons displayed there.

Go to Tools – Add-ons – Extensions and install Organize Status Bar.

Then you just have to select an icon and move it up or down with the move feature located to your right.

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

You may have painstakingly acquired your Firefox extensions over a period of time. If you want to have the same extensions in a different computer then you can use FEBE.

FEBE backs up your favorite Firefox extensions in such a way that you can install them in a different computer easily. The extension also backs up your themes, bookmarks, preferences and even your whole profile. It also issues backup reminders if you choose to back up your extensions periodically.


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