How to Market Your Day Care Business

For those who want to open their own business, one popular choice is to open a Day Care Center. With the population growing ever higher and higher, there will always be an increasing need for someone to watch over our children, especially in this modern society where both parents typically work outside the home. There is, however, a lot of competition out there among Day Care Centers, so the key to success for the budding Day Care entrepreneur is successful marketing.

One fundamental way to market your Day Care business is through advertising. Traditional advertising outlets include newspapers, television, and radio. A small display ad in the local newspaper would do a lot to increase your company’s name recognition among parents of young children, which is vital to attracting clients. In addition, local TV and radio stations usually have fairly reasonable rates for 30 second ads that you could use to introduce your business to potential clients in the area. The cost for ads such as these is probably less than you might think.

If those options are out of your budget for right now, a less expensive way to increase name recognition is to distribute flyers. You can use desktop publishing software to design an attractive ad, or a local design firm can come up with the layout for you for a fee. To produce the flyers, you can either print them on your own color printer if you have one, or take them to a professional print shop to make copies. Distribution can be on windshields on parking lots, door to door, or through the mail.

One vital step to take in marketing your business is to set up a website. It used to be that only large companies could afford this luxury, but these days one can rent space on a web server for as little as 5 to 10 dollars a month. The website should have all the pertinent information about your business, including a description of your services and where you are located. If you do not have someone in mind who can design and program the web pages, one option is to find a Computer Science major at a local university who would be happy to code the site for a small fee. A Graphic Design major may also be used to come up with an attractive look and feel to the site.

A referral program can be a great way to increase your networking and word-of-mouth business. By offering an incentive of say, $20, to anyone who refers a new client, your current clients will become a valuable sales force that will help bring in new business. Other ideas include producing T-shirts with your logo for the parents and kids to wear, and using your car as a billboard by having one of those magnetic signs made and applied to your doors.

By taking an active role in the marketing of your Day Care business, you can increase your market share of local customers dramatically. Various methods of increasing your name recognition in the community will ensure that the clients keep rolling in, and you will always have a full playroom of children to watch during the day.


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