How to Market your iPhone Software


Authored by Josh Enojo in Computer Software 
Published on 06-30-2009

The iPhone is becoming the most sought-after gadget in the world. Apple has been recognized in their hardware products but not so much with the software as they have been “closed” to third-party creation for their products. But with the iPhone, they have shown that they’re actually opening up to application developers for this gadget.

The Appstore, much like what the iTunes did for digital music, is the storefront for applications developed for the iPhone. Software developers and customers can benefit from these. There are 1,000 or so applications that were created by third-parties in the Appstore that are being downloaded close to a million times everyday. The introduction of the MyApp builder application is another plus, as this enables anyone to create software that would tailor to their own needs or to a larger market.

So, how do you market the iPhone software? Here are some important tips to do this:

Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, or Twitter

Social networking sites are sensational right now, so why not use them? You can ask different people to spread the word about your application. You can put in honest reviews regarding the software with direct links for download in the Appstore. The Appstore makes it easy not only to install your software but also makes it easy to purchase. The thing with social networking is that news spreads out fast, so you have to be wise in taking advantage of it.

Send emails regarding your new software

The worst thing that could come out of this is your email would be classified as spam and blocked by some users. But aside from this, you could send the word out there and entice buyers. Just make sure that your application will be something that your buyers would need, would solve a problem for them, or would be an authentic source of entertainment for them.

You can post in free ads sites or in Google ads

Simply post frequently on related websites, and make sure you make striking catch-phrases for your product to invite users to click your link. There are lots of free ads sites out there, or if you can spare some cash, you can pay popular websites to post ads for you. The more you throw it out there, the more chances that your application will be discovered and you go on from there.

You can make your own website for your product or your group of products

You can follow the tips above and direct them to your own website. This is much more beneficial if you have a group of applications. So when directed to your website, they’ll have their pick/s and maybe choose several or all of your offered software.

As Steve Jobs has put it “the future market for mobile phones will be differentiated by the software that the phone offers.” Apple presents a platform that can revolutionize the applications offered by smartphones. Now is a time as good as any to create and publish your own application for iPhone.


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