How to Market Your Referral Links Effectively

Most of online money making programs have their own affiliate or referral program. They use this program to populate their sites and acquire a lot of members. If a site has a lot of members, they can attract advertisers. Of course, advertisers will invest on those sites that have a massive number of members. Giving commission is an incentive given by this site to its members to encourage them to work on searching for referrals.

Paid To Click sites are those who widely used this method and PTC is the most popular type of program in Online Money Making today. Given that every click you will make in PTC sites is only a cent or half a cent, it is a very good opportunity for PTC clickers to work on this incentive program. For example, a PTC site has a minimum payout of $2 with 4 ads a day that rate $0.01 per click and $0.005 for referral click. If you will depend only on your own clicks, it will take you 50 days before you reach the minimum payout but if you got 10 referrals that are all active and click 4 ads a day, including your own clicks, you will reach the minimum payout within 8 days. But the thing here is, how can you promote your referral links in order to acquire people that will join under you?

Most of online money making programs available right now have the same rates to offer. If that is the case, it’s too difficult to convince people to join on that site because it is the same as others too unless they have higher rates and they have good earning programs than the others.

The following are the things you must kept in mind in choosing a site that you want to promote:

1. Check the site’s rates, including the minimum payout, methods of cashout, payment processor they use, waiting time before you can receive your requested payout, for PTC, the number of ads given everyday, for surveys, the number of surveys given every month, for GPT, number of offers they give and of course, the most important thing, if they are paying or not.

2. A newer site is more favorable because it will not be too hard for you to find referrals. If a site is an old timer, most of the people knew about it already or they have joined the site.

If you already decided a site to promote, here is where you start to market your referral links. You can do it by joining on forums or by making a blog that will contain all of your referral links. Don’t choose between the two, if you want a good result then you must do both.

Market your referral links in forums.

There are forums available on the internet dedicated for Online Money Making such a GET and EMF. In those forum sites, you are allowed to post your referral links on posts, threads and signatures. It can be anywhere in the forum or there will be some section in the forum that allowed to. I recommend that you check and read the TOS of these sites. Make threads than pertains to a site that you want to promote, make sure you included your referral links on your posts. It is better to use BBcodes or HTML codes to hide your referral link. There are people in forums that do not use your referral link, instead they go directly to the site you are discussing, so don’t just put your referral link just like that.

Signatures are powerful tool in promoting. You don’t need to type in your links again and again in every post. You may want to put your blog link also in the signature and make sure your promoting punch lines are interesting and attractive, that’s necessary. Just putting the name and link there would never gain views and clicks at all. Of course, try to be active on forums, especially on high traffic forums. This is good for bloggers because they can increase their page rank just by doing this.

Another issue is, there are forum sites that do not allowed posting of referral links or directly advertising for that site just like MyLOT. It doesn’t mean they cannot be use at all but these sites allowed links on your profile page. Make sure that you dressed up your profile page in forum sites like MyLOT. The effective way on getting referrals with this kind of forum site is to make a thread that discuss about the site you want to promote. Include the general information and special programs that can be found there. In short, review the site you are promoting in threads. Avoid telling everyone to go on your profile to search for the link. Instead, let them be the one who do that, or else you will get your thread deleted. Most of the readers don’t want to read something like that. Another tip is to help those people who are seeking help by their own made threads. Most of the time, thread starters are those who are seeking help. If you have knowledge regarding with their problem, just answer it. If they think you helped them, they will have the initiation to look on your profile page. Avoid sending private message not unless they instructed you to do it. Based on my experience, when I receive pms from those people whom I don’t know and just pleasing me to join their sites, I feel irritated and take note of their usernames.

Market your blog

It is more effective when you just promote your blog rather than your referral link since if you have a blog about money making money, it will contain all your referral links. Just make sure that you have a well-written article for every site that you are promoting in order to convince visitors from your blog to join those sites. Do the usual ways on how to market your blog in order to gain a lot of visitors. SEO, link building, and adding blogs to your blog roll through link exchange, better if they have the same niche as yours will help you to gain traffic for your blog.

The critical points in blogs are their design and layout because this is where the first impression came. Use good layouts for your blogs, avoid using unblended colors and basic layout. It’s better to choose a 3 row style of layout because it makes a lot of space. Make sure you have a RSS Feed and a subscriber form place in your blog. Add widgets that can be enjoyed by your visitors but don’t overdo it because it will take time to completely load the page.

Optional Activities that you can do

Referral Exchange: I don’t recommend this but everyone is using this. Although you will get a sure referral to join under you, it is not sure if that person will remain active as you are and the quality of site that she or he will offer to you will be compromise. Make sure that you research for the site you are going to exchange with and as much as possible do it with your online circle of friends.

Make a business, use ref back offers: If you got some good funds in your account, you may want to implement the concept of ref back sites. Make sure you have knowledge on ref back business before pursuing on the business. You get active referrals, lots of referral but you need to pay them at least half of their referral works, effective but very critical.

With this guide, you can be able to get referrals by one or two, but you need a lot of patience in order to get more referrals than the usual. There is no easy work in anyway and in anyhow. You must work for it. Make sure that you have always done the right decisions and ready to take risk. Goodluck!


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