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How to match down coat in fashion and beautiful way in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/30/2012

Girls must wear a down coat in winter, because down coat can resist cold and wild winter, almost everyone have a down coat. How to match the down coat in this year? Now our wholesale clothing online shop to introduce the skills of down coat, and you can wear heavy winter clothing but thin feeling and beautiful in wholesalelucky.com.

Mint color long down jacket, very sweet and gentle colors, worn on the body like ice cream, sweet heart. Plush collar and sleeves, waist style, kind of princess taste with white leggings, dark coffee color with boots, sweet Japanese style.

Yellow hooded long down jacket, very bright colors, coupled with a sense of vertical stripes design, worn on the body that are not bloated. This year, down jacket style was thin, and the close proximity of the pressure line was thin and worn on the body, especially with white primer shirt, under wear gray trousers, snow boots, simple and good-looking.

Down vibrant colors this year is bright, many times in color, plush collar and hem, gives a soft feel, with pieces of red tights, very eye-catching color with a hit.

Short down jacket bright green bread service, simple and fresh color, full of the taste of young girls, sweet, cute, lively and playful. Style collarless short paragraph design department, coupled with winter scarf, very bright and eye-catching.

Orange yellow down jacket, warm colors, thick scarf collar, plus plush shawl design, chic and sophisticated, with shorts and stockings, fashionable mix and match the charm and moving.

Long navy blue down jacket, lace waist design, Slim was thin, navy blue, elegant extravagance extra long section version warmth was thin, with black leggings, snow boots, warm winter dress.

Retro blue down jacket, exquisite short paragraph Edition type, shrug design, worn on the body small and exquisite, very suitable for petite girls to wear inside the ride a white lace shirt bottoming, under wear leggings, boots, fresh and beautiful.

The hot selling wholesale fashion dresses, the super design and the long paragraph Edition type, which is slim and thin. What’s more, the color is also full of vigor and vitality. Now you can pants with black leggings and snow boots, which is very beautiful and catch people’s eye quickly.


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