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How to match the woolen coat with many fashion style

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/21/2012

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Winter is a good season to wear woolen coats, and a variety of coats can bring different fashion sense. If you like the elegant taste of the coat, you should learn how to match it. Now it is a good change for you , you can come our wholesale china clothing online shop, because we always offer the fashion and popular coats, and we will teach you to dress with lady temperament in winter.

Hooded wool coat lapel, sweet by age lattice elements, simple elegance, a little small feminine. Inside the ride doll collar knit dress, under wearing black leggings and boots, was thin and generous.

Blue wool coat with a black woolen dress, black boots, fresh and elegant temperament, girls wear a little sweet lady’s taste, it is suitable to take the ladies line.

Red wholesale fashion wool coat with blue bottoming shirt, gray casual wear under skirts, different lengths of mix and match styles, great personality, choose black leggings, high-heeled boots, temperament charming.

Dark gray woolen coat, Han Fan child temperament lady sweet, upper body loose money, nice atmosphere, which take the dress, the under wear stockings, bow flat shoes, very delicate. Light blue wool coat, fresh and delicate light blue, and it is very sweet and cute.

Rose-colored plush woolen coats, delicate and sweet design, highlighting the fashion trend, which take the white Slim sweater to wear skirts, coupled with stockings boots very Atmospheric.

Plush lapel coat, classic camel to show the elegant and charming taste, which take the white sweater, under wear a printed skirt, black stockings, high-heeled boots, instant piercing lady temperament.

The design of wholesale fashion dresses is retro fresh, and its loose version of the type upper body effect is very good, especially fur collar hooded style with thick and warm. So you can come our wholesale clothing online shop, because Wolesalelucky.com is a professional B2C online store dealing with clothing and other fashion accessories from china at exciting prices.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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