How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer

Now that you have decided to buy a new car for yourself and the family, you need to gather all the details of the new car you want before you go to the car dealer. Research online and get as many details as you want form the various car buying sites. Once you have these details and the amount that such a new car can cost you, you are ready to confront the dealer. Your knowledge will enable you to be always in control.

Visit various dealers and ask to test drive the model of the car you have decided on. These visits will also enable you to judge the dealer and his staff and likely approach to you. If during the test drive you do find some things that are not to your liking, go back home and start your research all over again. Suppose you find the car satisfactory make a straight cash deal offer initially. Keep away from the dealers spiel on loans and monthly payments. Also do not allow him to distract you with better deals on other models than the one you have chosen. Your cash deal offer should be based on information you have gathered. In case you are refused, just walk away, without any comments. Go to the other dealers you have already visited and make the same offer. One of them is sure to come to a price near yours, as dealers do not like to lose customers.

Now that you have an agreement on the price, offer your present car for a trade in and ask the dealer what he can offer you. If what he offers is not satisfactory walk away again and start with another dealer. Base your expectation of a trade in price on information you have gathered over the net. There are very few dealers who will allow you to walk away once you have agreed on the all cash deal for the new car. You would have to make all these deals in person as no dealer will give you a firm price over the phone or by fax or Email as they want this information to be confidential.

By this time you would have decided how you are going to pay for the car. It is always advisable to arrange your own car loan and use this cash to conclude your deal. Car loans form dealers are tricky affairs with all sorts of add-ons and conditions, and it would be better to have the cash on hand before you go to the dealer. Be very firm on the accessories that you require for the car. A dealer will make you all sorts of offers as margins on these accessories are quite high. You may find it much cheaper to buy these accessories at a spare parts shop and even have more choice. You may only have to spend that much of time to put in the extra fittings.

Now it is the time to prepare the necessary papers and finalize the insurance. Be very clear what you want to insure, relying on your own past experience with your previous car. Check all the papers thoroughly before you sign them and pay special attention to the warranties and conditions. See if they offer free initial service facilities. Make the payment only after all the paperwork is completed and signed to your satisfaction.

Now get into the car and drive home where you will hear the delighted squeals of your children as you come into the driveway.


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