How to Obtain British Citizenship


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An individual can become a British citizen in several different ways if they are not a natural born citizen. There are people who are able to gain citizenship to Britain under the “otherwise than by descent” format. This method of citizenship is for those people who do not have a direct relative who is a citizen of Britain. Once you become a citizen “otherwise than by descent” any children you have in life will be born as British Citizens.

People who have direct descendants who are citizens of Britain can also gain citizenship. If you gain citizenship through descent your children will not be born into citizenship. You can become a citizen in this way if you have a blood relative who is a citizen or are adopted by a citizen of Britain.

If you have been living in the United Kingdom for a minimum of five years, you might be eligible to apply for citizenship. Naturalization is the term for this method of becoming a British citizen. You cannot apply for citizenship if you have not yet reached the age of 18. If you have been in trouble with the law or caused other disturbances while living in the United Kingdom, you are not likely to gain naturalization.

Make sure you are able to speak well enough to talk with other nationalities in Britain. You should be able to speak English, Scottish Gaelic or Welsh enough to hold a conversation. Educate yourself about the values, government, history and any other important details about the United Kingdom. There is a book you can read to point out all critical knowledge you should have about the U.K. You need to pass a naturalization test in order to become a citizen. If you qualify for naturalization, your children will be able to become British citizens.

You might be in a position to become a British citizen under registration depending upon your circumstances. This can be for individuals who live in territories protected by Britain, those who live in an area that is under British rule but who are not British citizens, and in some cases individuals who are not British citizens but who have a mother that is a citizen. There are other ways for people who live in regions of the U.K. but have no identified nationality to become a citizen. The rules and regulations can become overwhelming. If you need more details about citizenship in the U.K. please visit: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/britishcitizenship.

There is another means in which you might be eligible to apply for British Citizenship. If you are married to someone who is a citizen of Britain, you might have a path to become a citizen. You and your spouse will be evaluated and questioned to ensure that you are married for love and not simply to gain access to citizenship. You cannot apply for citizenship under this method until you live in the UK for a minimum of three years.

For vast information about how to apply for citizenship, you will want to visit the above listed website. You can find answers to many questions and further explanations of the reasons that are valid to apply for British citizenship.


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