How to Overcome Caffeine Addiction


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Addiction 
Published on 12-07-2009

You may be wondering if you are addicted to caffeine, and what you can do about it if this is the case. As any form of addiction, true caffeine addiction consists of two factors. The first factor in addiction is the need to have it; the second factor is needing more. If you find yourself craving your favorite caffeinated beverages, and if you find that you are consuming more in order to gain the desired effect, now is a good time to realize that you have an addiction, and prepare to overcome it.

A very important note on the subject of caffeine is that you should not attempt to get rid of the habit without first visiting a doctor. The reason for this is that many people who use caffeine are hypoglycemic, with or without their knowledge. As caffeine dilates the blood vessels in the brain, hypoglycemics are often able to completely avoid migraines, or reduce their severity, with the use of caffeine. A simple test can determine if you have hypoglycemia. If this is the case, your doctor can recommend a medication or other treatment so that eliminating caffeine from your everyday life will not mean making migraines a part of your everyday life.

For the person who does not have this condition, but wishes to overcome a caffeine addiction, there are a number of options. Quitting “cold-turkey” is not the best option, as it can result in both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. You can overcome your habit without being unnecessarily miserable.

One option is to begin by reducing the amount of caffeine you are consuming. You can do this by adding more and more water to your coffee, and even watering down your caffeinated soft drinks. If you do this gradually, you will not notice the difference in the taste, but your body will be receiving less and less caffeine.

You can also alternative your caffeinated beverages with healthier beverages which do not contain caffeine. For every cup of coffee or can of soda that you drink throughout the day, have one or two glasses of fruit juice or fresh water. With this method, your body will begin to adjust to having less caffeine, and will gain the habit of accepting healthier drinks instead. After you have done this for a short while, you may find that you are actually preferring non-caffeinated beverages.

A third option for overcoming caffeine addiction is to gradually substitute non-caffeinated forms of the beverages. You can try decaffeinated coffee, or the many varieties of soft drinks which do not contain any caffeine. Your taste-buds will begin to grow accustomed to non-caffeinated beverages, and your body will become adjusted to the absence of caffeine.

Any of these options are good options for overcoming caffeine addiction. Each one will give you the opportunity to ease caffeine out of your life while gaining better, healthier habits. You can try whichever method sounds the most appealing to you, and look forward to a healthier lifestyle without depending on caffeine.


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