How to Overcome Male Infertility

Though it might be unfair, there are many men currently walking around who are either infertile, or who are a great deal less fertile than they’d like to be. Unlike a lot of physical condition, male infertility may not be noticed for years, especially if the man who has this condition isn’t actively trying to get a woman pregnant or getting regular screenings of his semen. Once the condition is discovered though, there are a few options that a man can take.

First and foremost it’s important for a man whose considered infertile to go to a doctor and get tested. The causes of infertility, or just low fertility, are quite varied. The condition could be linked to a man’s diet, a hereditary condition, a disease, medication, or even complications of surgery. However, until the cause of the man’s infertility is discovered, there isn’t much that can be done by anyone, no matter how medically gifted they might be.

Once the cause of the infertility is found, a number of options may be available. If the infertility is caused by poor nutrition or a bad diet, then the man can work with the doctor and nutritionist to help up his intake of certain vitamins. If the condition is caused by a medicine he’s taking, then an alternative medicine can be sought and tried to see if it stops suppressing fertility. If the condition is a physical problem, such as an injury that effected the reproductive organs, then surgery might be a necessary option in order to fix the problem if it can be fixed. In many cases medications may be given to help jump start a man’s fertility, if it seems like the proper course of action.

There are some other conditions that may cause male infertility, or contribute to it, that you should be sure and tell the doctor about. Men who aren’t very active, or who are obese for instance may find that becoming more active will help them become more fertile. Men who work around radiation or around chemicals may also want to inform their doctors of this fact so that it can be taken into account. The more complete the information that the doctors have, the better the chance that the cause of a man’s infertility can be found.

However, it should be mentioned that even if the cause is located, that doesn’t necessarily mean that male infertility can be cured. Even though treatments and drugs are constantly being researched and created, some men are just unfortunate in that they won’t be able to have children of their own. This isn’t the end of options for men who still want to have children however. Men who are infertile are still able to adopt and raise children, or their partner can accept a donor’s sperm if they feel that’s a better option. If a man’s infertility has been diagnosed, and no treatment options have been shown to be effective, then there’s no sense in agonizing over the condition. All that can be done at that point is accepting the condition, and moving on with life.


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