How To Pass The Driver Licensing Road Test

In our society the act of driving a motor vehicle is considered a privilege. It is required by law that a person prove their skill and ability to safely and successfully know the proper procedures and regulations. A two-part test is given to anyone seeking a license to drive on the highway. The written test is given first to see that one knows the rules well enough to be allowed a learning permit. With this you are able to take an already licensed person with you to practice the art of driving till you are good enough to attempt the actual road test.

In order to meet at least a minimum skill level in operating a motor vehicle you must have practice. With the training permit you must take every opportunity to learn the required skills. Rarely will a driving test be held in heavy traffic areas. Concentrate your practice sessions in less frequented places to minimize the chance of accidents while you learn. For such complicated maneuvers as parallel parking one should not start out trying to squeeze in between vehicles. Use traffic cones or built-up boxes to define the corners of two empty spaces and practice pulling in between them until the maneuver becomes easy.

Once you have taken at least the minimum time from permit to test and are comfortable with handling the car, you are ready to go pass your road test. The vehicle you are using will have to meet certain standards of mechanical service. Know what these are for your state and have anything that needs fixing completed before you go for your road test. Park in the designated testing area and turn the motor off.

A few very important tips, other than just knowing how to drive, will help you achieve success with passing your road test. Stay calm. Your instructor will understand you are just learning and nervousness will make you more prone to mistakes. Do not play a radio or other distracting equipment. You must pay attention to the instructor so that you can clearly hear what he tells you to do. Be sure to follow all the traffic and driving rules. This will include such simple things as always remembering to use your turn signals when turning or changing lanes.

Watch the speed signs on the road and do not exceed the legal limits. Maintain a smooth flow of checking mirrors and watching the road so you know what is around you at all times. When backing up, do not just use your rearview mirror. A pedestrian could well be crossing behind you. Always turn your upper body, placing your arm on the seat back, to get as full a view as possible of what may be moving toward your vehicle.

Even if you have remembered everything and are sure you are doing well towards passing your road test, do not let overconfidence make you lax. The road test is not over until you are safely back at the beginning of the course. From start to finish be polite to your instructor. Do not be argumentative if he mentions some task you need to pay closer attention to. He is not the enemy. The instructor is there only to determine that you have the minimum necessary skills at driving to be allowed the privilege of operating a vehicle on the highway.


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