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How to Perform Pre Employment Background Check?

  • By Black Stallion
  • Published 07/25/2012
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Currently the job market is quite competitive and tough. Every individual is looking for a job. If you are an employer, you will find more applicants than you need once you post a job opening advertisement. With so many applicants around, it may seem to be a very tough job to select the right person. How will you understand if the applicant is lying or not? Many applicants hide truth about their educational and employment background if they feel that their background is not going to impress the employer. Especially if the person has any criminal record, he or she will try hard to hide it.

The growth of your company depends on your employees to a great extent. It is quite normal that you would not like to hire the wrong person. You will have to perform pre employment screening to choose the right person. Conducting background check will help you to understand if you are selecting the ideal candidate.

If you are wondering how to conduct background check, going through the following guideline will help you perform employee background check.

  • The primary task that you need to perform is to verify the social security number of the applicant. Many candidates falsify this number for some reason. You can contact the credit reporting bureau in order to verify the Social Security Number of an applicant.
  • The next thing that should be included in the list is verifying the photo identity of the applicant. You can ask the applicant to produce his or her I.D. card or driving license. This will help you to verify the photo identity of the candidate.
  • It is important that an applicant provides at least two or three references in his or her resume. These references are seniors or ex-colleagues of an applicant. You should call the references to know about the applicant. This will help you to confirm the employment history of the candidate.
  • Checking educational background is also important when it comes to pre employment background check. You can call the school or college of the applicant to verify educational background.
  • Before performing background check, make sure you obtain a written consent from the candidate. You can not perform the check without his or her permission. If you do so, it will be illegal.

Conduction background check is a tough job. Hence, it is better to hire background check services. They have the expertise required to perform this task.

Author Bio:

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by Black Stallion



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