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How to personalise the DVLA number plate in a simpler way

Personalising number plates for car is no more a time consuming process. Different kind of techniques and rules has come up that has made this entire process a simpler for the buyers. Service providers who sell number plates do provide varied options for the buyers to personalise the number plate the way they want. Hence, the buyer gets the chance to showcase their own creativity. However, still few buyers have the notion that when they buy DVLA number plate they won’t get the option of changing the design or choose the numbers as per their choice. The UK government has made the rules for DVLA number plates into simpler form so that buyers can even these types of number plates.

How can you choose a DVLA number plate according to your choice?

Are you planning to personalise the DVLA number plate you have? In the present situation, this whole personalisation process has become a quiet simpler one. DVLA has made the number system quite complicated. Though you need to consider the age of the car while deciding on the number, still this number won’t solve your problem about the privatisation of the DVLA number plate. Hence few steps are here that can actually solve your problem in much easier way:-

·         Present the registration number first.

·         Decide the alphabets you would prefer to add in the number plate.

·         The number needs to arrange in a synchronised way.

However, to get hold of such number plate you will be required to spend extra expense as compare to any other number plates.

If your registration number has “Q” in prefix:-

Number plate with “Q” as prefix indicates that the age of the car is uncertain. Hence this number plate is non transferable. The number plate will remain with the assigned car unless proper legal documents are submitted to the DVLA office. After getting the documents, the DVLA number providers will provide the appropriate registration number that will include the age of the car. If your car’s number plate has “Q” as prefix, make sure you provide the necessary documents to your nearest DVLA offices. Once you provide the documents, getting hold of DVLA private number plates won’t be much difficult for you.

Is number plate with “Q” as prefix transferable?

According to DVLA registration office, number plates with “Q” as prefix are non transferable. This is usually done as a consumer protection measure for the convenience of the buyers. Hence if a buyer is looking for a car that is not too old, it is best he or she avoids buying the car that has such unique type of number plate. This is because; such number plate doesn’t help the user to determine the age of the car. Hence this number plate cannot be transferred to any other vehicle. However, it doesn’t stop you from customising the DVLA number plate.

How to get hold of private number plate using DVLA registration number?

You need to get in touch with expert service providers who can provide you variety of private number plates using DVLA registration number. However, before hiring any such service provider you should check the price of such services that you need to pay.

Author bio – Emily Smith is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. She has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In her recent articles on DVLA private plates, she shares some useful tips on how to own customised DVLA number plate. Emily takes inspiration from Plate4Less (http://www.plates4less.co.uk ) while drafting her piece of articles.


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