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How to pick a phone

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 03/10/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Cell phones have evolved to a stunning high level. With varies of  phones on sale which provide you with functions of taking pictures,  recording videos, surfing on the internet, playing games and so on, it  becomes more difficult to pick the right phone. Choosing a phone may be  daunting. Here is some advice for you.   You can narrow your choice by deciding which form factor you  prefer. There are candy bar phones, flip phones, slider phones and  swivel phones. Candy bar phones are easy to use but relatively sturdier.  Flip phones are not prone to accidental dialing. Many people today find  slider phones appealing, as they share the advantages of candy bar  phones and flip phones. Swivel phones are not quite popular. You should  think careful about which suits you best.   Another way to simplify your process of choosing a phone is to  figure out what you expect from the phone. If you are a fashionista,  phone acts not only as a way of contact, but also an enhancement of your  personal look. Therefore, great appearance may be their first concern.  Many others are practical who think cell phones have much to do with  their needs which are calling and texting. And they choose a mobile  phone with the most basic functions. When making your decision, you  should hold the phone in you hand and send several messages to test  whether it is comfortable.   Some consumers concentrate on one specific feature. A businessman  prefers a phone that will link with his work email in order to avoid  missing important files. Music mobile phones with big enough memory and  good enough sound quality are the best choice for music loves. If you go  for the advanced technology, phone carrying out all kinds of functions  attract you most.   Picking a phone is quite a complex job. But you can ask your  friends for advice. And if you have grasped the basic rules above, you  can get a satisfying phone.  



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