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How to Place a Banner Stand Strategically

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/5/2012

Banner stands are used as a popular visual marketing tool all over the world. The use of banner stands is common in trade shows, exhibitions, retail stores and in conferences. If you are a business owner looking to make your product or services known, you would have to learn about the different advertising techniques and tools that you can use for promoting your business.

If you are organising an exhibition and need to attract people to your booth, you can place the banner stand in front of your booth or further away from your booth that will help guide the customers to your location. You can also use these display tools outside of your retail store for letting people know about your products or the new offers.

The banner stands are generally bright and attractive and that is how they can draw the customer’s attention so easily. If you are thinking of using the banner stands for promoting your business, you need to learn about the strategic ways of placing them.

The placement of such advertising tools plays a huge part in their success which is why you need to be wise when choosing where to place them. Here are a few ideas for you to help you get started:

Direct traffic: The success of your exhibition depends on how much direct traffic you can generate. One of the best ways of generating direct traffic is to place the banner stand in the busy intersections that are near your physical location. You can also place an arrow accompanied with a product related or welcoming message that will direct people to your booth.

For example, if you are selling pain relief products, your banner may say something like “welcome! Pain relief products are available here”. These types of banner stands can also be used in malls for promoting large sales.

High spaces: Placing the banners high and above are also a very good idea when you are thinking of places to hang them. If you are able to use the high spaces wisely, your target customers will be able to spot your store even from a distance.

When exhibitions are held at the large shopping centres or conventions malls, placing banner pop up stands here and there may not be able to grab the attention of the people who are not near those display stands. The excessive crowd that gathers at these venues make the banner stand less visible. That is why it would be wise for you to hang a banner up and above so that people from different corners of the mall can spot it.

Checkout counters: Check out counters is also one of the great places to place banner stands. Whenever customers gather into a store and select products, they are bound to go to the cashier for making the purchase. You can try and take advantage of the time while they are waiting in the line for their turn. You can place brochures and a few banner pop up stands around the point of sale. Chances are good that they will check them out while waiting in the line.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in a marketing agency. He offers tips and suggestions for businesses looking for banner pop up.


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