How to Plan a Baby Shower for a Girl


Authored by Donna Johnson in Pregnancy
Published on 11-14-2009

Planning a baby shower for a friend or relative can be very exciting and fun to do. If you know the gender of the baby, you can personalize the shower and activities even more. Throwing a baby shower for a mother-to-be who is pregnant with a girl offers many possibilities.

First, you can use the knowledge that the baby is a girl on the invitations. Choose or make invitations that state the baby is a girl. This will not only be fun, but it will allow the guests to choose gender-specific gifts for the mother-to-be if they desire.

Next, you can decorate appropriately for the shower. Choose pink and white streamers and balloons to give a festive look to the room or rooms where the shower is being held. You can also find premade decorations such as garlands that spell out “It’s a Girl”. Pink and white flower arrangements are also great for decorating for a girl-themed baby shower.

You can also plan the menu around the fact that the expected baby is a girl. Set out bagels with strawberry cream cheese for your guests. For the cake, choose pink icing with “It’s a Girl!” piped on top. You can make a plain white cake or a strawberry one with a pink cake on the inside as well. Play off the folklore that eating certain foods helps to conceive a girl by serving those foods, such as meat, corn, blueberries, and eggs.

Games are quite popular at baby showers, and they can also be modified to reflect the fact that a baby girl is coming. A fun baby shower game is the clothespin game. In this game, every guest gets a clothespin that they must surrender to any other guest who hears them say “baby”. After a certain period of time, the guest with the most clothespins wins. Color the clothespins pink or attach pink ribbon to them, and change the rules so that guests lose their clothespins if they are caught saying “girl”.

Another popular shower game is the memory game. In this game, guests are allowed to look at a table covered with baby items and accessories for a certain time period. The table is then covered, and guests must write down the items they remember seeing on the table. The guest that correctly remembers the most items wins and the mother-to-be gets the items on the table. Add one completely pink or girl-specific item to the table, such as a pack of hair bows or pink blanket, and offer a special prize to the guest who lists that item. If more than one guest lists the item, do a random drawing from among them for the prize, or give the prize to the guest who has not yet won a shower game.

Baby showers are always a fun, joyous occasion, and be can even more fun when the coming baby is known to be a girl. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a completely girl-themed baby shower so that the coming baby is all ready to go with everything a little girl needs to start out her life.


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