How To Plan A Green Wedding On A Budget

You got engaged and now it is time to plan your wedding. Any couple can have an elegant and beautiful wedding on a budget. You both decided on having a green wedding to help protect the environment and save money. Your wedding from start to finish can be green. You and your groom can start a family tradition by planting a tree on your anniversary every year by symbolizing that you are giving something back to the environment, and being able to watch your trees grow yearly together.

1. Send green wedding invitations. Mail and write invitations on recycled paper. Reply by postcard without an envelope. Use email and save on paper completely.

2. Wrap gifts. Tell your guests to either use newspaper or not wrap them at all. You save on paper and you were going to throw the paper away anyhow.

3. Location. Plan an outdoor, nighttime wedding and save on electricity. Use the beach, gardens, or your own backyard! The couple could arrive in a horse and carriage, by cycling, or other different ways to save the environment. Carpool together using a hybrid car. Find a rental free site such as a museum, gallery or other cultural organization for your reception.

4. Place candles around, which are energy efficient and produce a soft, romantic atmosphere for an elegant reception.

5. Bridal attire. Brides can choose from wearing natural materials such as cotton, silk or linen. Your bridal attendants can wear second hand materials.

6. Favors. Wedding favors can be used from recyclable materials. Favors can be made from seedling packets, or potted plants or handmade items. Place cards can be made with flower seeds or other items that you might want to embed on them.

7. Flowers. Choose locally grown organic flowers without pesticides. After the wedding, donate them to the local nursing home or other places that might benefit from them. Some flowers to choose from include roses, or pansies. Some other colors you might pick from could include lavender, or burgundy.

8. Decorate with reusable items, such as bamboo. You can use bamboo for your centerpiece and other décor elements.

9. Green Catering Services. Go local and support your local farmers. Your wedding dinner might be either organic or vegetarian dishes. You might serve salmon, or other types of fish as your main meal. For utensils and napkins you should include flatware, made by recycled materials, and reusable napkins. You can use china or linens instead of disposables.

10. Donate the leftovers. Serve the homeless or the local shelters.

11. Wedding cake. Ask you local bakery if they can use organic materials such as eggs, sugar, flower and butter.

12. Take pictures. Use digital cameras instead of hiring a photographer.

Going green is very popular today and many couples want to help protect the environment and save money at the same time. It is a great idea to have an outside wedding but plan that it might rain or snow. Have a back up plan in place. Inform your guests that you are going green and good luck on your upcoming nuptials.


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