How to Plan a Princess Themed Wedding


Authored by Rodney Southern in Wedding
Published on 08-05-2009

Many girls have always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding. If you are currently in the wedding planning process, this could be an option for you. A princess themed wedding can be a great choice for your special day. Not only will you look beautiful, but your guests will be sure to have fond memories of the wedding. Here are some tips on how to plan a princess themed wedding.

Wedding Attire

The key element to a princess themed wedding is the bride’s attire. It is important for the bride to choose a wedding dress that looks as though it would be worn by a princess. A short or snug fitting dress is really not the right choice for this wedding theme. A princess would wear something that is long and flowing. The bride should also be sure to wear a tiara in order to make the princess wedding theme seem complete. It does not really matter what type of tuxedo the groom wears, though it is best to opt for something that has an old fashioned appearance to it. Although black tuxedos are often the best choice, a white tuxedo can also be a great choice for a princess wedding theme.

Wedding Ceremony Location

A princess wedding ceremony should be held in the perfect location. You may want to look back at some of your favorite Disney movies in order to see if there was a wedding involved. This can really help inspire you to come up with location ideas. Some of the best places to consider include castles and beaches. A park, waterfall, or another body of water can all be perfect locations for a princess wedding ceremony to be held.

Wedding Theme Colors

It is important to keep in mind that the wedding theme colors that you select can either make or break your princess theme. The best thing that you can do is look at Disney movies that feature the type of princess that you most want to model your wedding after. For example, if you are going to choose Cinderella, light blue could be a good choice. Pinks, purples, and red are also known to be great choices for a princess themed wedding.

Extra Princess Touches

There are a number of additional touches that can make any princess themed wedding complete. Opting for invitations that have a Disney princess, such as Cinderella, on them can be a great start. You may also want to use a princess wedding cake topper. Any other type of décor or little touches that are related to a princess theme should be added to complete your princess themed wedding.

Planning a princess themed wedding may seem fairly difficult, but all that you need to do is put a lot of creativity into your planning. The best thing that you can do is imagine that you are a princess when planning the wedding. This will help encourage you to plan the wedding through the eyes of a princess, and will ensure that your wedding theme is complete.


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