How to Plan a Wedding in One Month

Sometimes, people don’t want to wait a year or even a couple months to get married. Thankfully, with some careful planning and hard work, it is possible to plan a wedding in one month. The key to planning such a last-minute event is to make quick yet well-thought-out decisions. The couple has to know what they want and has to work fast. The following are some tips for how to plan a wedding in one month.

The first part of planning such a wedding is to decide the must-have items for this wedding. Common must-have items include flowers, the venue, photography, DJ, and food, among other things. The first couple of days is when the couple should sit down and decide how much they want to spend on this wedding. Once a wedding to-do list is created, the budget will help a couple make important decisions about where and when to have the wedding. By the end of the first week, it is important to have chosen and booked the wedding’s location.

The next step is to let guests know about the wedding. Guests do need some notice: Informing them about the wedding the day before the event isn’t going to work. Thus, the first week is also the time to sit down and work out how many people are coming to this event. Once this information is decided upon, invitations can be sent out. This gives guests time to ask for off from work, buy wedding presents, and to figure things out like travel and accommodations.

DJs and photographers are notoriously in-demand. To nail down professionals for the event, it is important to book them as early on as possible. Try to book the DJ and photographer the first week of planning. Given the short notice, it may take a few tries before one is able to find a photographer and DJ that is free on the wedding date.

During the second week, it is time to decide on the wedding’s flowers, wedding favors, and the wedding party’s clothing. If there’s going to be a rehearsal dinner, this is also the time to decide on its location and its participants. Similarly, this is the time to hire the caterer for the reception.

The next week is the time to sort out details like whether or not the DJ is bringing equipment, what the wedding program will look like, and the wedding’s decorations and color scheme. Additionally, take the time to call and confirm reservations. For example, it’s important to double-check with florists and caterers to ensure they have the right information about when and where to take the flowers and food.

The very last week of planning a wedding involves a lot of last-minute details. This is when the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo are picked up, when all reservations and services are confirmed yet again, and when the wedding favors and decorations are gathered and organized.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask for help. Loved ones will want to help out before, during, and after the big day. Thus, take the time to delegate tasks out to loved ones. Bridesmaids, family, and other close friends can do things like book venues, call for prices, and can pick up food samples, brochures, invitations, and the like. The more work delegated out to loved ones, the more time the bride and groom will have to focus on making important decisions and enjoying their big day.


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