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How to Play 5reel Slots

  • By Jane Parker
  • Published 11/15/2012
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Due to exceptional simplicity, availability and excitement, more and more players prefer 5-reel onlineslots to other game variations. Compared to 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots feature more advantages in terms

of winnings and payout rates. Unlike classic casino online slots, 5-reel slots give leverage in additional

features, ranging from various paylines to betting options.Speaking about 5-reel slots, it is necessary to mention diversified symbols, music, animations andgraphics. Since there are lots of software developing companies on the market, the theme of slots as well

as other popular casino games, including poker, scratchcards and fun games, is numerous.

Although the game may seem sophisticated enough, the rules are fairly simple. Like many other casinogames, 5-reel online slots don’t require special skill and knowledge. Depending on the coin size offeredby each single casino, there’s a great selection of wagering options. After a player defines upon the coin

size, he/she is expected to choose the preferred number of payl

ines. Many slots games provide playerswith an option to stake on up to 10 coins per game. Once a player has chosen a reel to spin, the resultsof the game are displayed at the screen. In case the spin has winning combinations, the player receives

a winning in accordance with the payout table. Many lucrative casino online slots provide players with

bonus rounds, which regularly reward with free games. Each winning obtained by a player during thegame is credited to the account. Therefore, like at scratchcards, any player can get more than a winningcombination at online slots. However, whereas online slots don’t require any background knowledge andprior gambling experience, bonus games are aimed at highly skilled casino players.One of the greatest releases of 5-reel slots is considered to be Thunderstruck developed by Microgaming.The game boasts 9 paylines, improved graphics and a unique Australian gambling feature. The release ofthis popular casino online slots gave birth to further advanced slots games, which are expected to meetthe expectation of the most demanding online players. A wide selection of betting options is another

feature that makes the game to stand out on the gambling market.


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by Jane Parker



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