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How to prevent your omega watches from damage?

  • By Keith A Johnson
  • Published 12/7/2010
  • Fiction

Omega watches are treasure for the watch collectors since they are elegant, durable, functional and luxurious. Each of such timepieces is sold at tremendous price. In order to make your hardly owned money spent valuably, you should carefully maintain these high-end watches. Below points are listed for your reference. Firstly, clean your Omega watch with a moistened cloth and shine it with a buffing cloth periodically.Secondly, keep it away from any kind of chemicals or detergents which will do harm to the seals as well as gaskets of the watch.Thirdly, shun the extreme temperatures or excessive changes in temperature.Fourthly, if the waterproof model is carelessly dropped to the salt water, rinse with clear water.

Fifthly, those with screw-down crown should keep the crown totally sc

rewed in to stop the moisture getting in.Sixthly, whittle down the shock frequency; otherwise, the movement may get ruined.Seventhly, do not put it together with magnetic items like refrigerator, stereo-speakers with strong magnetism.Eighthly, never use it underwater unless it is proved to have powerful water resistance. Only those professional waterproof watches like submariners can be safely used beneath water. Otherwise, the water can easily get in and damage the watch.Therefore, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the watch before you use it. It is best to know its inner structure, so that you would know the deficient or weakness of watch and then you will know how to maintain it, making your favorite Omega watch become your life-long companion.

The author is veteran on omega watch and writes reviews on the theme for a few years.


Keith A. Johnson

by Keith A Johnson

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