How To Promote a Trade Show Event

One of the best ways to promote your business or product is to set up at a trade show. A trade show is where a number of businesses set up booths and consumers or targeted groups of people come through and learn about what you do or sell. These trade shows are a wonderful resource for the business owner if they use the trade show effectively.

When it comes to trade shows, promotion is everything. The single biggest factor in your success at a trade show is how many targeted customers will stop by and ultimately do business with you and your company. This is not shooting blanks in the dark. It takes some effective planning and some direct effort.

The first thing you should do to promote your trade show event is to find out if the trade show has a mailing list. Many times they do, but if the trade show is aimed at consumers and the general public, they may not. If they do, then secure a copy and add them to your current list of targeted clients and potential clients.

Go through your Rolodex, and find the clients that are your biggest champions. These clients should be the ones that think the sun rises and falls on your front door step. These clients will advertise in huge volumes for you, and it costs you only a five minute phone call. Have them show up to the trade show and bring some people to create a buzz around your booth.

When you send out a mailer, consider using a postcard. This homemade option is super easy to produce and is much more likely to be read by the general public. Be sure to take the time to make it professional. Postcards are very inexpensive as compared to general mail. They are already open, and they get read often before the customer even gets back inside the home.

Consider participating in the events that the trade show is promoting. If you are an expert and can help out, take the time to do so. It will sometimes get you special considerations such as prime spots for your booth, or cheaper rates for future trade shows. Pitch in and reap the benefits.

Finally, advertise with the trade show itself. The trade show is the single biggest advertising venue that is available to you, and they often sell advertising for very cheap. Get your name and booth location in as many spots as possible. This will help with traffic at your booth and helps to create excitement. If your booth is busy, people will want to know why.

Once they are at your booth, you must get all pertinent information to contact them in the future. You can accomplish this by having a log book that asks for name, address, email, and phone number. If a customer declines this information, then you have lost nothing. They are probably there for the freebies.


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