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How To Prosper From Resale Rights

  • By Gav Shannon
  • Published 06/8/2008
  • Copywriting

Resale rights have become popular with the popularity of the Internet. A very similar idea called reprint rights existed before the Internet. If you owned reprint rights to an article, a piece of music, or a work of art, you could make copies of the work and sell them. When the Internet became popular, this idea was translated to the electronic medium, and since printing was no longer required, the term resale rights became more common. Resale rights allow the owner to sell or resell a work to others. This is very common with e-books. You can buy an e-book on its own, or you can buy an e-book and resale rights. A lot of products are sold with resale rights so as the product producer gets a viral marketing effect happening with his purchases. This is a very good ploy as this type of advertising can be very positive for profits when the purchaser continues to onsell the original product. Very frequently, resale rights are included in the purchase of an e-book. This may give the purchaser more value for the money spent. The purpose of many of these e-books is to get as wide a readership as possible.

Master resale rights are the same as regular resale rights with one crucial difference. With master resale rights, the person who buys fr

om you also gets the resale rights to the product. This greatly enhances the value of the product to your potential customers. Resale rights are not unique to Internet marketing. Book and music publishers often sell resale rights to other publishers. And retail selling is perhaps the simplest use of resale rights that everyone understands. Resale rights for many software and info products are readily available today. It takes time to sort through all those products and find the ones that are worthy of a review. Every day, more and more products with resale rights appear on the market. Sometimes it’s the same products you’ve seen elsewhere, but in different form. So why are online marketers so hot for resale rights? There are two reasons, one obvious and one not-so-obvious. Giving away resale rights is good for business, the more you give away the greater the opportunity for more people to see it and maybe purchase the product. By giving away the resale rights also you lower your advertising budget as other marketers continue to sell your product and you only have to pay for a positive sale.

Now, not to get too confusing here, but this must be said. The words resale and resell are often times used in conjunction with these types of rights, however, the meaning remains the same. It doesn’t matter how you say it. Or spell it for that matter!


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by Gav Shannon



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