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How To Publish Your Own Book

  • By Geoff Wainwright
  • Published 06/7/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Whether you have already written a book or you are thinking about writing one, you need to decide whether to publish your book the traditional way, or whether you should self-publish. Let’s have a look at both ways to see which one might suit you best. Self Publishing Many authors who can’t get published the traditional way, still believed in their book, and went out and self published it any way. If you self publish your book first, it does not prevent you from traditionally publishing later on. Many people have achieved great success self publishing and then traditional publishers have signed contracts worth 10 times what they would have received initially. If you are not a proven author then the traditional publishers like to bank on a sure thing and so you won’t get the big contract you might like. Once you’re self published and selling well, you are a more valuable and can get a much better contract with the traditional publishers. Traditional Publishing

If you start off with a traditionally publisher and then change your mind and decide to self publish, you can run into some legal problems. The reason is because when you publish traditionally, you sell the rights to your book. You no long

er own your book and are not able to make any decisions regarding what happens to it. The publisher owns your book and determines how much money you will make. I would reccommend that if you haven’t written a book yet, it is important to know how to publish your own book because you’ll learn not only how easy it is but how much money you can make! With the right information, you can leverage your published book into a substantial annual income. You can use it as a calling card for your business. You can use it to enhance your expert status and credibility. You can use it as the foundation of a new business. You can use it to build a sales funnel and increase back end sales and repeat customers. You can use it to increase your opportunities. When you publish your book you will have created a great thing. It’s available for all of the world to see and experience and you can sell your book 24/7. Best of all, the tools and technology available today makes it easy to print, publish, distribute, market and fulfill your customers needs all while you’re taking care of other things, or having fun!

Knowing what your options are and educating yourself about self publishing is a powerful step in the right direction – the direction of changing your life for the better and fulfilling your dreams of being a published, and wealthy, author!


Geoff Wainwright publishes his own books and enjoys helping other people publish their books. The publishing business is very enjoyable and can be highly lucrative. Find out how you can publish a book and sell a million copies at http://www.WriteSelfPublish.com.

by Geoff Wainwright



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