How to Put Free Downloadable Games on Your PSP


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Gameboys are a thing of the past. Welcome the PSP unit. PSP is the new “gameboy” today. It is the latest buzz in handheld gaming pastimes and for a reason. PSPs not only have capabilities for receiving downloadable games from the web but it also can receive downloads for music and movies too. Talk about utility. However it is still commonly used for video games. If you are having trouble downloading games into your PSP unit, then here are a few tips to help you maximize your unit.

Search the website that offers free game downloads

First, google for websites that offer free gaming downloads for PSP units. There are several websites to consider you may want to visit. Try to check out http://www.allpspgames.com for PSP game selections. Although some sites require you to become a member first in order for you to download a game for free, there are other sites that offer free games. Just keep searching the web.

What’s the capacity of your memory card?

Before you consider downloading games from the internet to your PSP unit, consider the memory size and capacity of your memory stick. Many games downloads are terminated because of insufficient spacing in the memory stick. Your options then are narrowed into two. You would either erase some files in your memory stick to clear up some space for your new game download or purchase a new memory stick with a bigger memory to store your game.

Determine the game you want to download

After you have a prepared with ample memory space for your new download, determine the game you want to download. Check out how much memory it might occupy in your memory stick.

Be ready with your downloading equipment

Aside from preparing for memory space and identifying the right website to download your PSP game in your computer, you will also need a USB cable. If you don’t have a USB cable with you, try looking up the packaging box of your PSP unit. Aside from the warranties and instruction manual, a free USB cable should include in the package.

Follow these simple procedures

From the website, download the game into your computer. Create a folder for it. Then insert your memory stick into your PSP unit. Grab your USB cable and connect the computer terminal to your PSP memory. Press the “home” button. Look for the settings heading. Once you have found it, choose “USB connection.” Enter it by pressing X. Afterwards; put the game into the game folder. If no such folder is present, create one. Once you have installed the game, disconnect the USB cable form your computer. Check your loaded game in the game folder and press X if you want it loaded.

Visit the PSP website for other concerns

Should you have other troubles downloading, try visiting the PlayStation website for further answers to your inquiries. Open the windows that lead you to troubleshooting or customer inquiry. If the text instruction can’t help you with your PSP problem, jot down their 1-800 number and talk with some from customer service.


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