How to Put On Eye Makeup


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Makeup and Cosmetics
Published on 02-11-2009

For many women, their beautiful eyes are one of their best features. Learning the basics about how to put on eye makeup, can help you accentuate your pretty eyes. You do not need to bury your eyes in makeup to look great and to show off the shape and color of your eyes.

If you have no sense of what colors look good on your eyes or if you will be out and about in all different settings, try using neutral colors for your eye makeup. Wash and dry your face before applying any makeup. Provide your eyelid with some foundation before putting on your eye shadow. The foundation will help to lock in your eye makeup colors throughout the day or night.

You can use three different colors of eye shadow if you want to create a contrast. The lightest color should be your foundation which you apply first. Your eyelid will be the area where you apply the next shade of color. The darkest color will be applied in the creases of your eye. If you want to use just one shade of eye shadow rather than three, you can do so.

Next you can apply the eyeliner. You should draw your line by taking the pencil across the eyelash line. In order to achieve the most control over your eyeliner, use an eyeliner pencil rather than liquid eyeliner. Start on the inner corner of your eye and move to the outer corner in order to outline your eye. Carefully blot off any mistakes you make with a cotton ball or cotton swab in order to start over. Avoid the inner portion of your eyes when applying the eye liner. You can apply eyeliner to just your top eyelids. Draw a line in the opposite direction opposite to those of the top eyelids if you do decide to apply eye liner to your bottom eyes as well.

Before applying mascara to your eye lashes, decide if you need your eyelashes to appear longer or thicker. Determine the color next. Black mascara works well if you have dark eyelashes. For lighter eyelashes, you can apply brown mascara. You should start applying mascara to your upper lashes first. It is best to work your way from the underside of your eyelashes to the top. As you move the mascara wand from top to bottom, you will also want to move it from one side to another to ensure that mascara can be applied to all your eyelashes. Draw the wand away from your face when you are applying mascara not towards your face.

As you wiggle and swoop the eyelash wand over the top side of your lashes, you can close your eyes. Look in the mirror as you apply your mascara so that you can carefully work the wand through any areas where there are clumps of mascara. If you are using more than one application of mascara, be certain the first application has had time to dry before putting on another. Never use three or more applications of mascara, it will make your eyelids look too heavy.

Some people choose to use an eyelash curler before applying makeup. You can also use a straight eyelash brush after you are through using the mascara. This will help to accentuate the full look of your eyelashes and to smooth out the mascara.

Take one final look in the mirror to make sure all or your eye makeup is applied properly.


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