How to Quit Smoking Weed


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Addiction
Published on 09-02-2009

Do you have a secret stash of weed in your sock drawer? Do you live with the daily worry that your family might discovery your cannabis? Have you come to the sudden realization that – were it not for Mary Jane – you have no idea what you would be doing with your day? If you are ready to admit that you are addicted to the drug called marijuana, you are ready to seriously explore to how to quit smoking weed.

There is no secret to success, eBook to download, or product to buy. Instead, learning how to quit smoking weed is about a mindset. Read on for a surefire method that makes your drug habit a thing of the past.

  • Admit to yourself that you are drug addict. Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say out loud: “I’m a drug addict. I’m addicted to pot.” As odd as it sounds, this reality check is crucial when kicking a destructive and addictive habit. With this emotionally charged statement there is most likely going to be a feeling of anger; it may be anger at being so easily ensnared by an apparently harmless weed or upset at wasting your time, life and money just to inhale the smoke of burning foliage.
  • Capitalize on the anger and destroy your stash. Flush your weed down the toilet, destroy the plants you are growing in the closet, smash your pipe or bong, and burn up your rolling papers. Destroy or get rid of anything having to do with smoking weed.
  • Clean your apartment or home. At this point you are probably surprised to find housekeeping included in the list of tasks to undergo when learning how to quit smoking weed. Consider that right now the indignation and the destruction of some items most likely have your adrenaline pumping. Now is a time for action! Use the energy to clean your house to get rid of any residual pot smells, roaches, and drug paraphernalia you might have missed.
  • You are now ready for perhaps the hardest step: a change of social scenery. The odds are good that you do not use drugs by yourself. In fact, one or more of your acquaintances are most likely your suppliers. Do you think they will be supportive of your efforts to learn how to quit? Smoking weed is the quintessential social drug experience, and there is a good chance that your social scene will drag you back into the lifestyle of a marijuana smoker — if you give them a chance. Replace your social circle with recovered addicts, those who do not suffer from an addiction, and also include those, who are currently seeking to kick the habit. For example, the marijuana addict recovery forum of the My Addiction site makes it easy to connect with others facing similar or even identical challenges.
  • Last but not least, revel in the little successes and enjoy the mundane. As you discover how to quit smoking weed, use the money you save to check out new hobbies and pastimes.

Fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately – addiction to marijuana is primarily an addition of the mind, not of the body. While you will not suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms, you will do your battle on a cognitive plane. With brutal honesty on your part, and the company of others in your position, you can kick the weed.


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