How to Reactivate Lost Customers

You may not notice a missed customer here and there, but you had better believe that those former customers are letting others know why they are no longer customers. Yes, most of the time there is one unhappy customer for every hundred or so satisfied customers, but that one unhappy person can cause a lot of damage to your business. Your one unhappy customer can very well cause a downward spiral of your business. People could stop shopping with you or stop purchasing your products. In turn, you would make less money. Less money coming in could mean that you would be unable to pay your bills and, worst yet you could eventually become unable to stay open or produce your products anymore. Yes, this type of scenario can happen if you don’t keep your customers happy.

If you are a business owner, chances are you have lost a few customers over the years. Customers come and go for many reasons. Some customers claim poor customer service, while others may think that the competition’s product is better or that your products are inferior. The fact is that everyone has an opinion and you are not going to please them all, no matter how hard you try. Once the damage is done, and you have regrettably lost a customer, it is time to jump into action and try to win back their affection.

When you notice that a customer has no longer been buying your product or service, try to identify that person using in-store tracking methods. Identifying these customers and finding out their reasons for straying from your store or service can help you work with the customer to resolve the issues.

Offering a sincere apology to the disgruntled customers will let them know that you would like to extend your hand and would like them back as a customer. Call or write a personal letter to each customer, if possible. Try offering a freebie or coupon for a new or improved product or service to show that you are serious about your apology. Let your customers know that you are available to listen to their input and concerns. This shows the customer that you are personally invested in offering the best product or service. Ask the customer for their feedback and what they would like to to do to resolve the situation. People love to know that their input is valuable and not taken in vain.

Obviously, business owners understand that their customers are their lively hood. It is so important to keep track of who is doing business with you and do everything possible to cater to their needs. If your records show that you need to make changes, then a business owner knows that they must do anything they can to keep their customers coming back. If you are a business owner who is in touch with your clientele at all, you know that if there are no customers, you no longer have a business.


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