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How to Reap SEO Benefits with Blogging and Social Media

Link building strategies have seen many turn around in last couple of years. People are talking about modern SEO practices, social media activities and all. However, a less focus is on how SEO practices can be aligned with social media marketing. This has been an important area that a very few experts are covering.

This is a fact that if SEO and SMM team work hand in hand, they can form a well-thought, consolidated marketing plan.  Following are some of the tactics that can enhance the impact of social media activities on the performance of SEO plan.

Social media for link building:

It is known to all that search engines have incorporated social signals into their ranking parameter. This means if you are sharing a link through Google+ it may influence Google search results and if you do it through Facebook , the data will be used by Bing. Therefore, a direct correlation exists between what you share in social media and how people see them in search results.

With the onset of Google’s Panda and Penguin update this integration has become even more important. Social media is the most effective way to market the content of a business. SEO professionals must leverage the activities of social media team and promote high value content in a number of ways.

Blogging for link development:

If you know how to write quality content on a specific theme, blogging can effectively build links and authority both for your site. Moreover, keyword based contents may rank well for long-tail search terms related to business model.  If a company maintains a blog, it gets excellent opportunity to create relevant internal links through this.

By using site’s global navigation template on all blog pages it is possible to increase the number of votes. Therefore, if you are not using a company blog to build links and votes, it is an missed opportunity.

Alignment of blogging team with SEO and social media team:

Blogging is important from SEO point of view. If your blogging team take a list of important keywords and landing page and use them on the site, it is of great use. New and fresh content, well-optimised with keywords and interlinking can complement your SEO objective.

Guest blogging along with social media activities can establish the relationship with potential bloggers and thus create link opportunities. If a blogger interacts with authoritative blogs, takes active part in commenting, discussion and developing personal relationship, it can really influence the link building activities.

Apart from social media and guest blogging, leveraging other community-based sites like YouTube, Pininterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Yahoo news can also be of good value.

Professionals at Richmond SEO company suggest and follow the same principles. To know how do it, consult SEO services from Red Barn Software.

About The Author:

Peter McKiel is passionate about blogging, website analysis and Internet technology. He has been into this digital marketing field for last 5 years. Other than traditional search engine marketing Peter has forayed into paid marketing and social media optimization. You can find his published articles on popular technology guest blogs and online journals. In this article Peter shares his thoughts on Richmond SEO company. For additional details you may also refer to SEO company Richmond VA.

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