How to Reduce Redness of Pimples


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Skin Care
Published on 10-08-2009

Pimples are never any fun to deal with. Whether it is a regular occurrence or right before that hot date pimples are a pain. Fortunately there are some great skin care tips that can be of help to anyone who finds themselves with a pimple. These are tips that can help to reduce the redness of pimples and leave the skin in better condition overall.

Dealing With Acne

Most people who think of the term acne assume that it is used to describe a condition in which the face ends up completely covered in pimples. This is actually not the case at all. According to dermatologists anyone who gets more than two pimples a month is considered to have acne. Dealing with acne can definitely be difficult but there are things that people can do to achieve great skin and look beautiful.

The Pimple Problem

Pimples are a very common problem for men and women alike. It is not just teenagers that are plagued by these red blistery spots and there is a large majority of adults who are still dealing with acne into their forties and fifties. Pimples are small skin lesions that are typically caused by clogged pores. There are a few types of pimples that can develop on the face and body. Blackheads and whiteheads tend to be more numerous on the face and can be more stubborn to get rid of.

Cysts may occur in more serious acne cases. These are pimples which are different than others in that they are filled with pus and are much larger than regular pimples. It is important that people with cysts or any other type of pimples do not pick or scratch at them because this can result in permanent scarring.

Proper Skin Care

To reduce the redness of pimples and keep the face in the best possible condition proper skin care is imperative. Having a healthy diet and regular exercise will have a positive effect on the skin as well but taking care of the skin is the only surefire way to fight against pimples and keep them from coming back.

Getting rid of the redness is the first and most important issue. There are various different acne products that are available today and most of these do work quite well. Some dermatologists swear by toothpaste which can be applied directly onto the pimples on the face and body and left to sit overnight. The idea behind using toothpaste to reduce redness in pimples is that it works to draw the impurities out of the skin. It will also help by drying the pimples out and in turn they are going to heal and disappear faster.

Cleaning the face every morning and night is very important. Especially to remove any makeup and oil that is on the face, a moisturizing cleanser is a must have. Clogged pores and greasy skin are two of the main causes of pimples and so it is crucial to keep the skin as bare and clean as possible.

To reduce the redness of pimples on the skin icepacks are also commonly used. Makeup artists have relied on this remedy for years in the world of fashion and television where the men and women are just expected to always have perfectly clear skin. The icepack will work because it will reduce the redness and swelling of the pimples. Just be careful not to press too hard, especially on larger pimples, because this may cause them to pop. Some people have been taught that this is a good thing but it will actually create more redness and the pimples will be that much more noticeable.

Having bright red pimples on the skin is certainly not something that anyone wants. Confident or not pimples can greatly reduce a person’s self esteem and leave them feeling ashamed and embarrassed. These tips are all effective and will help to significantly reduce the redness of pimples and prevent pimples from coming back. For anyone who finds that they are not having any luck and need more information, talking to a dermatologist would be the best step to take next.


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