How to Reinstall Windows XP in Repair Mode


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software 
Published on 01-24-2009

Unable to start your Windows XP in safe mode? Did a recent system update destabilize system performance? Did you try system restore without success or couldn’t access the function at all? Your solution could well lie in reinstalling Windows XP in the Repair mode.

Many users are in the mistaken belief that the only way to reinstall Windows XP is by formatting the hard disk first before installing the operating system. It’s not necessary because all you want to do in the Repair mode is set your Windows folder right and stabilize your system.

The first thing you need to do is back up your important data just in case something goes wrong during the reinstallation process. You would also want to get your Windows installation CD ready.

Here are the steps to reinstalling Windows XP in the Repair mode.

1. To get started, put your Windows XP system CD in your disk drive and boot your computer. If you cannot boot from the CD, go to your BIOS and choose your CD drive as the first boot option. Otherwise choose Boot from CD when the XP opening screen appears.

2. From here you should choose the first option – set up Windows XP now. Don’t select Repair Using Recovery Console.

An existing XP installation will be detected. There is also the possibility of an installation not being detected, because system data may be too corrupted. In this instance, you would have no choice but to install a fresh copy of XP. If you do proceed in this mode, all data in the partition will be erased.

Anyway, let’s assume there will not be such a problem and choose R for the repair option. Rest assured that your data, settings, applications and other personal information will not be erased. This mode only repairs your operating system to get it back to its old self. What will be removed though are any updates you’ve installed not contained in the system CD. Other settings may also be reset to the default mode. Anyway, after installation is complete you can download the necessary system updates, updated drivers and restore other preferred settings.

3. The installation process begins. Again do not worry that your data and settings will be deleted. They will be intact. Next, you will need to get your Windows XP key ready to proceed with completing the installation.

4. Before you download and install system updates, make sure you enable Windows firewall option to prevent your system from being attacked by viruses or malware. Also it would be wise to install the critical system updates first to ensure system stability.

Reinstalling Windows XP in the Repair mode saves you time and the inconvenience of reconfiguring your settings and reinstalling your software. Always try this option first before choosing a full reinstallation.


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