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How to Relish Every Sip of Your Scotch Whiskey

Scottish Whiskey, also known as Scotch, is used to call uisge beatha mean ‘water of life’ in those chapters of history. Scotch Whiskey is special that is for sure. Known for its complexity, variety and quality, Scottish Whiskey has huge consumption all across the world.

But it is very vital to make this drink of life the best drink of your life. Many people just don’t understand the worth of Scotch and drink it like any other drink. But what they don’t know is they can enjoy the extreme pleasure with these easy steps to enjoy Scotch Whiskey.

The basic rule and the first step is, obviously, buy an original Scotch. Look over to various online portals who sell original Scotch Whiskey online. You can also buy whiskey online or if fortunate enough, receive whisky gifts, through such portals aka whiskey store. But the main agenda is here that you pour the best scotch into your glass.

Coming to second step, it is glass itself. The glass is like the environment for your whiskey. It should be designed in a style which focuses on the aromas and squishes the spirit onto your tongue in a wide approach. A tulip glass is genuinely ideal for such qualities.

Third step is the amount of whiskey you would like to drink. You don’t want to be fed up of drinking the same glass over a long time. Also, it eradicates the fun of pouring some more whiskey into your guest’s glass when your own glass is hanging full in your hands. Depending on your experience and depending on your quantity of drinking, the amount can be anywhere from half ounce to whatever you like. Recommended is up to two ounce.

Tilting and turning the glass is the fourth step. This enhances the aroma by increasing the surface area and permitting better evaporation. The next and the fifth step would be, a little awkward, to nose the whiskey. It will help you better discern and taste the different aromas.

Sixth step is the most favourite step, which is, sip. Take just sufficient whiskey to coat your mouth and swirl it around your tongue slowly. Try coating your tongue so that the whiskey touches all of your taste buds. Swallow it gently and repeat from the fourth step.

And not to forget the best of the best step, Cheers!

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